You Can’t Imagine The Inside Of Leonardo Dicaprio’s Malibu Beach House Like This

Many fans have been enchanted by Leonardo DiCaprio’s private property for its mystery, especially the one in Malibu Colony. This marvelous enclave consists of three separate buildings: a 4-bedroom main house, a 2-bedroom guesthouse, and a loft with an extra bedroom, an office, and a gym. Follow me and see Leonardo DiCaprio’s summer retreat.

1. An outside view of the private enclave

2. The Wooden Gate and Garden Path

3. Leo’s Beach compound include three separate houses.

4. The dining area has sweeping ocean views.

5. The kitchen contains sleek countertops and modern appliances.

6. Great Room with square coffee tables

7. His and her Bathroom

8. Guest Room

9. Indoor and Outdoor Living

10. Long Lines let natural light in

11. Beams and Joists

12. Master Bedroom demands a killer view

13. The Second floor offers amazing views of the Pacific Ocean

14. The washroom

15. Jacuzzi Time, All The Time

16. On the rooftop

17. A wonderful backyard

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