Wearing These Dresses, These 22 Brides Decides To Go Wild

Our list of wedding dresses does not cover the conventional, the chic, the elegant, nor the demure. However, these are the dresses that the staff at Kleinfeld would be peeking through their fingers at. Scroll down for the most unforgettable dresses ever!

1. Heading To The Shrek’s Swamp

2. Creative Dresses Made Of Toilet Paper

3. Vampire Or Werewolf: Choose Your Side!

4. The Bride For Captain Redbeard

5. Queen Snow Bunny and Her Kittens!

6. A Shining Bride

7. When The Bride Is A Fan Of Hello Kitty

8. Everyone Loves The Pizza, Including The Bride

9. Get Married In The Gangster Style

10. Glowing With Beatles

11. Paying Tribute To Your Culture

12. This Bride Looks So Hot, Literally

13. The Longest Bridal Train Ever

14. Loving The Country

15. Just Ballooning Around

16. When The Bride Is A Superhero

17. Hungry on Your Big Day? Sorted!

18. When You Decide To Marry Yourself

19. Superbia In Proelio

20. It’s A…Bridal Peacock?

21. A White Chocolate Gown

22. A Christmas Tree?

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