Top 20 Most Dangerous Animals In The World # You Will Never Guess Top 2

Wanna know which animal is the most dangerous? Here is a list of 20 most dangerous animals in the world in ascending order of most human deaths per year. Click through to find out.

20. Poison Dart Frog

Venom can kill 10 humans. This frog is more deadly than cute. As its name implies, poisonous toxins cover its skin and these toxins are enough to kill 10 adults.

19. Leopard

10 – 20 deaths annually. Strength and speed make leopard a deadly predator, and a wounded leopard is even more dangerous.

18. Great White Shark

10 – 24 deaths annually. These sea predators like to bite human victims and then leave them bleed to death if not treated.

17. Hyena

No record of annual death toll. According to Conservation Institute notes, hyenas have a taste for people when they encounter them, especially in war-torn areas.

16. Cow

20 deaths annually (U.S). Yes, you read that right. Cows have a fierce desire to protect their young and territory and their behavior can often become erratic during mating and birth periods.

15. Horses

20 deaths annually. Made of pure muscle, horses can inflict a lot of damage with one swift kick or buck.

14. Domestic Dogs

20 – 30 deaths annually. Most dogs are generally amiable, but some abused dogs are capable of attacking and fatally killing humans.

13. Siafu Ants

30 deaths annually. Also known as driver ants or army ants, these insects are not deadly on their own. But as a collective colony, they have brought down animals exponentially larger than themselves.

12. Asian Giant Hornet

30 – 40 deaths annually. The venom of the Asian Giant Hornet’s sting could destroy cells and kill a human with its quarter-inch stinger.

11. Tigers

85 deaths annually. These majestic creatures may be beautiful to look at, but please steer clear from these powerful kitty cats.

10. Box Jellyfish

173 deaths annually. According to the Conservation Institute, this translucent stinger is considered the “most venomous animal” on the planet.

9. Cape Buffalo

200+ deaths annually. Cape Buffalo are aggressive and fast. They charge without instigation and don’t stop even when shot in the heart.

8. African Lion

200+ deaths annually. According to Live Science, humans aren’t lions’ prime choice of meat, they are more apt to kill humans following a full moon.

7. Hippopotamus

500+ deaths annually. Hippos are blamed for more human deaths in Africa than any other wild animal on the continent. Males defend territory while females defend offspring, often attacking unprovoked.

6. Elephants

500+ deaths annually. Weighing in at 5 tons and known to have episodes of rage, elephants can be extremely dangerous animals. They can cause severe damage if agitated or abused.

5. Crocodile

2000+ deaths annually. Crocodiles drown and dismember their prey using their strong jaws.

4. Deathstalker

5000+ deaths annually. Deathstalker variety contributes to three-quarters of the scorpion-related human deaths each year, and they’re particularly deadly for children.

3. Snakes

300,000 deaths annually. Needless to say more about them. Just be careful when you have to be around them.

2. Tsetse Fly

250 – 300,000 deaths annually. These insects are vectors that spread the African Sleeping Sickness, a disease which is characterized by swelling of the brain.

1. Mosquito

2 million deaths annually. Mosquitos have been around for 400 million years. They are more attached to larger and more active humans due to the increase of carbon dioxide and lactic acid production.

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