This Photo Of Meghan’s Wedding Is Not Edited, Look Closer

1. Congratulations to the happy newlyweds!

2. The cutest-ever bridal party.

3. Official wedding photo with the family.

4. Emerging from the West Door of St George’s Chapel.

5. Yes, we did it!

6. Everything you need to know is in that kiss.

7. Adorable royal PDA continues.

8. There’s not a thing in the world that beats a gentle kiss.

9. Meghan’s bouquet is made of forget-me-nots (Diana’s favorite flower) picked by Prince Harry.

10. Refreshing entrance full of flowers.

11. Twin pageboys trail the veil and other children follow behind them chatting.

12. A bridesmaid has a mini meltdown.

13. Down the aisle.

14. Prince Harry got his first look at the bride-to-be.

15. Whispering into her ear.

16. The two share a smile in front of the priest.

17. Prince Harry shed tears at the wedding.

18. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, pulling up in the car with her cute kids.

19. Princess Charlotte sticks her tongue out just like her uncle Harry.

20. Brotherly Love. Prince Harry is chatting with Prince William, his big brother, and best man.

21. Aww.

22. Meghan is wearing her stunning “something blue” and waving to the crowd.

23. Absolutely made for each other.

24. What a gentleman.

25. Off they go in a Jaguar adorned with a custom plate reading “E190518”, the numerical date of their wedding.

26. Lifting the veil for her.

27. Walking down the aisle holding hands.

28. Surely Meghan didn’t mind that the adorable Prince Charlotte stole a little bit of her thunder with her cuteness.

29. It turns out that Princess Charlotte was sneezing, covering her mouth like a real lady.

30. Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh arrive at St George’s Chapel.

31. Meghan leaves the Hotel for the wedding ceremony, accompanied by her mother.

32. Mom & daughter.

33. Prince Charles is chatting with Camilla.

34. Kids on parade.

35. Princess Charlotte with a real sweet pose.

36. I want to hold your hands forever.

37. The Royals.

38. Kate Middleton talks with Prince William, about their baby, maybe?

39. A glamorous bridal smile!

40. Married!

41. Yes, we do.

42. The Duke of Edinburgh is checking on the Queen.

43. The tiara.

44. Look of love.

45. The bride’s mother Doria gets a little emotional.

46. Meghan’s friends arrive.

47. Riding in the royal carriage for the procession.

48. Royal fans pose for pictures while waiting outside Windsor.

49. Huge crowd.

50. The royal wedding cake.

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