This Photo Is Not Edited, Look Closer

Check out these 20 rare photos that show you famous historical events in a different light. Some of them you’ve likely never seen before.

1. In 1947, photographer Daniel Sorine just photographed two random mimes in Central Park. 36 years later, he discovered that he had captured a then little-known Robin Williams.

2. Bruce Lee receives martial arts instruction, 1955.

3. A model poses in Paris, 1920.

4. Figure skaters celebrate during an awards ceremony, 1976.

5. Alain Delon and Brigitte Bardot defining cool, 1968.

6. A group of men portraying Santa Claus learn how to apply their makeup, 1961. 

7. Portrait of Al Pacino and Diane Keaton on the set of the “The Godfather” in 1972.

8. John Lennon records at Abbey Road, 1965.

9. Audrey Hepburn and Psycho-actor Anthony Perkins chat mid-air, 1962.

10. Einstein enjoying the summer sun at Nassau Point, Long Island, New York, 1939.

11. A pickup truck is fleeing from the pyroclastic flows spurring from the Mt.Pinatubo volcano in the Philippines, in June 1991.

12. A marathon during the first Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece in 1894. Three athletes are training for the Marathon.

13. Arnold Schwarzenegger is seeing New York for the very first time in 1968.

14. A cameraman and a sound technician recording “Leo” the lion for MGM’s famous movie logo.

15. “This CD-ROM can hold more information than all the paper that’s here below me” -Bill Gates.

16. A model posed for a photo in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris in 1961.

17. Roman Polanski and Johnny Depp goofing off on the set of The Ninth Gate, 1998.

18. Ruby Bridges, the first black child to attend an all-white elementary school in Louisiana.

19. Samuel Reshevsky, age 8, defeated several chess masters at once in 1920.

20. Golden Gate Bridge under construction in 1937.

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