These Moments At The Airport Will Make You Cry Laughing

1. Lay-under

You’d have to be a certain size to make this one work!

2. Cheeky Lady

When other passengers got a glance, they had to do a double take.

3. Is This The Cockpit?

This just does not seem like a practical place for the pilot to sit.

4. Delayed Maturity

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there when there is no food in the house and it’s just incredibly frustrating that your mom isn’t there to restock the fridge.

5. Heel!

This mother decided to stop her kids from running off by putting them on leashes, but it didn’t look too useful in practice.

6. Checked In

This girl decided to bring back the planking craze of 2010 and take a ride along the luggage conveyor belt.

7. Shining Armor

Well, it turns out that the figures in need of a shoe polish were in town for Comic-Con and their outfits needed to be glistening to look their best.

8. Passenger Falcons

A Saudi Prince paid for his 80 Falcons to travel between the United Arab Emirates.

9. Time Limits

Denmark thought of a way around this and designated a “Kiss and Goodbye” area to cherish those last few moments with your loved one before their travels.

10. Check Your Lightsabers At The Counter

When a new Star Wars movie comes out, the die-hard fans need to prep and plan accordingly for what might be the most monumental moment of their year.

11. Too Specific

This family wanted to think of a hilarious way to welcome the matriarch home in the most embarrassing way possible.

12. Organized Security

This is one time that you really shouldn’t be procrastinating at work!

13. Multipurpose Luggage

This girl represents everyone’s mood at an airport.

14. Traveling Light

Companies like Apple have come out with lightweight, small, state-of-the-art technology, so can someone please buy these people an iPad?!

15. Red Light, Green Light

The runway is situated in Gibraltar international airport and cars are forced to stop at the light while planes are given the go-ahead for a safe landing.

16. Place All Cuddly Objects In A Bin

Let’s just hope the baby was not put through the X-ray machine, as that wouldn’t be a good situation for anyone.

17. Flying To See Jenny

If the Forrest lookalike was about to miss his flight, other passengers could just start shouting “run, Forrest! Run!”

18. Choking Up

His friends found the most embarrassing photo, choking on some food and decided to blow it up huge and hold it for the whole airport to see.

19. Proposed Itinerary

This man chose to propose when his partner returned from a trip, straight as she walked out of the gate.

20. Sparking An Idea

One traveler was outraged at the concept of being charged so he thought outside the box and plugged his phone into the outlet the machine was using!

21. What A Welcome

This husband wanted to welcome home his wife in the best way possible, so not only was he sweet, he paid her a huge compliment that probably resulted in quite a few blushes.

22. Terminally Grounded

This is how you make a shifting bed when you’re grounded.

23. Doodie Free

This San Diego airport decided to assign a special “pet relief” area, so your pet can go about its business in peace and without nasty looks from appalled passengers.

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