These Moments At The Airport Caused A Giant Stir

Air travel can either be a total breeze or an absolute disaster, you never really know which way it will go. These are the most hilarious moments that happened in airports.

1. Lay-under

Everyone knows the struggle of being in an airport and having your flight number come up on the board with a huge ‘delayed’ sign. At that moment, you need to find the perfect place to make yourself comfortable, which is not the easiest of things. This woman thought outside of the box and was smart enough the maneuver herself under the armrests. You’d have to be a certain size to make this one work!

2. Cheeky Lady

Unless you’re traveling in style in first class or business, coach can do some harm to your body. From your aching neck, cramped legs, and a painful behind, you just have to grin and bear it. However, this women got creative and found an alternative way to use her neck pillow. Although she probably sat comfortably throughout her flight, she didn’t think too much about the color or placement of her pillow. When other passengers got a glance, they had to do a double take.

3. Is This The Cockpit?

This just does not seem like a practical place for the pilot to sit. Of all people, she should know the dangers of getting to close too the engine, whether it’s on or off. However, there is a story behind this one as the pilot is Swedish Maria Pettersson, who often combines her love of flying and yoga. The pilot often posts pictures of herself doing yoga around the aircraft, which has garnered plenty of attention on Instagram.

4. Delayed Maturity

Most people go for the generic welcome home signs when greeting a friend or family member back from a trip, but others get creative. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there when there is no food in the house and its just incredibly frustrating that your mom isn’t there to restock the fridge. This son decided to take this concept and run with it by showing up at the airport in a penguin onesie along with a sign signaling which food was finished in the house.

5. Heel!

Traveling can be stressful enough as it is, so imagine doing it with young children. Between making sure all of your children are accounted for and keeping them calm is a huge challenge in itself. That scene from Home Alone 2 when Kevin gets on the plane to New York City alone is a prime example of why parents should watch their children like hawks. This mother decided to stop her kids from running off by putting them on leashes, but it didn’t look too useful in practice.

6. Checked In

Traveling can be increasingly tiresome, there is just so much you can do in an airport before you start going stir crazy. Unless you’re a child and it’s acceptable to play hide and go seek, the reality is that you will probably be sitting on your phone or laptop for the next few hours before boarding your flight. However, this girl decided to bring back the planking craze of 2010 and take a ride along the luggage conveyer belt.

7. Shining Armor

While this looks like a complete joke, it was not. How many times have you been in an airport where they have these gimmick stands for shoe shining and walk past it thinking who has the time to sit there and do that, or better yet, who would pay for that? Well, it turns out that the figures in need of a shoe polish were in town for Comic-Con and their outfits needed to be glistening to look their best.

8. Passenger Falcons

Messenger pigeons were thought to be a thing of the past, but it seems that these sneaky falcons thought up a genius way to make their journey easier and less strenuous by traveling on commercial airline. While that would be a hilarious story, what was actually happening was a Saudi Prince paying for his 80 falcons to travel between the United Arab Emirates. For an average person this would never be permitted, but the Prince used his status to get what he wanted.

9. Time Limits

This sign is situated at the city of Aalborg in Denmark’s airport. At many airports, the stewards are incredibly aggressive when it comes to cars blocking up the space in the roadside check-in line as they say goodbye to their loved ones. However, Denmark thought of a way round this and designated a “Kiss and Goodbye” area to cherish those last few moments with your loved one before their travels. Nonetheless, they did decided to cut off the smooch session at 3 minutes.

10. Check Your Lightsabers At The Counter

When a new Star Wars movie comes out, the die-hard fans need to prep and plan accordingly for what might be the most monumental moment of their year. These fans decided to coordinate before the release of The Last Jedi to ensure they experienced it altogether. When the Stormtrooper’s friend, Darth Vader arrived at Denver airport, they greeted him by playing the “Imperial March” out loud and celebrated his arrival at the gate while onlookers couldn’t help but laugh.

11. Too Specific

This family wanted to think of a hilarious way to welcome the matriarch home in the most embarrassing way possible. As they waited for their mother and wife, they held up signs welcoming her back from prison! As the mother walked through the gate to see her family holding the mortifying signs, she immediately turned the other way and pretended she didn’t know them. The signs got quite a few questionable looks from other passengers but the family will never forget the priceless look on their mom’s face.

12. Organized Security

Airports are said to have the tightest security of any official establishment. History shows that airports and planes are targets for terrorism and passengers don’t want to find any reason to question the safety of air travel. Therefore, when someone spotted that a security officer was playing a game of solitaire on the computer instead of checking passports and profiles, it caused quite the uproar. This is one time that you really shouldn’t be procrastinating at work!

13. Multipurpose Luggage

This girl represents everyone’s mood at an airport. Between the constant waiting in lines for luggage, passport checks or security, it is a long and draining process, and in many cases you are forced to stand for hours on end. In addition, delays make the airport experience ten times worse. What this girl did was pretty genius if you ask us. Not only was she able to take a nap, her father would be able to transport her to the plane while she was snoozing.

14. Traveling Light

You find all sorts of people in the airport from all walks of life, and some of them can appear as something out of the ordinary. Interestingly, these two people were at Seattle airport, just weeks within each other, along with their huge, antique type writers. Not only are they completely impractical to travel with, they probably raised some eyebrows at security. Companies like Apple have come out with lightweight, small, state-of-the-art technology, so can someone please buy these people an iPad?!

15. Red Light, Green Light

We’re not even sure how this runway was given the green light to be built because is absolutely lethal. The runway is situated in Gibralter international airport and cars are forced to stop at the light while planes are given the go ahead for a safe landing. When the barriers are not down, cars are free to pass through and it incredibly dangerous for everyone in the case a plane needs to do an emergency landing, they have to wait for a free road.

16. Place All Cuddly Objects In A Bin

What is worse than traveling with a child? Traveling with a small baby. They are unpredictable and can cry at any time, and must be lugged around in a stroller. When this mother was asked to take her shoes off by TSA, she had to put her baby down somewhere while she did so. Let’s just hope the baby was not put through the X-ray machine, as that wouldn’t be a good situation for anyone.

17. Flying To See Jenny

At the Nashville International Airport, travelers were in for a treat when they spotted Forrest Gump at the airport. Even the Nike sneakers and haircut resembled the famous film character. While there is no information where he was going or what he was doing, we’d like to think he was traveling to see his own Jenny. In any case, if the Forrest lookalike was about to miss his flight, other passengers could just start shouting “run, Forrest! Run!”

18. Choking Up

We have seen some embarrassing welcome home signs, but this has to be one of the most mortifying. Mokie was in for a shocking surprise when he walked out of the gate. His friends found the most embarrassing photo, choking on some food and decided to blow it up huge and hold it for the whole airport to see. We hope he saw the funny side of it and wasn’t chewing anything as he walked off the flight in the case this face would happen again.

19. Proposed Itinerary

You can’t help but smile when you see a couple getting engaged in public. Anyone who has experienced that moment will remember the shock and overall excitement that comes with being asked to spend you life with the one. This man chose to propose when his partner returned from a trip, straight as she walked out of the gate. Everyone in the background couldn’t contain their excitement for the adorable couple, and most importantly, she said yes!

20. Sparking An Idea

Having no phone battery at the airport can honestly be a complete travesty. Not being able to pass the long waiting hours by texting your friends and scrolling through social media is one of the worst things. At many airports they have introduced charging stations that charge you, but is this really fair? One traveler was outraged at the concept of being charged so thought outside the box and plugged his phone into the outlet the machine was using!

21. What A Welcome

Of course some welcome home signs can be incredibly awkward, while others are sweet and thoughtful. This husband wanted to welcome home his wife in the best way possible, so not only was he sweet, he paid her a huge compliment that probably resulted in quite a few blushes. Picking her up dressed as a limo driver and writing “Smokin Hot Italian Chick,” earned him quite a few looks, but it was certainly worth it. He probably got big brownie points.

22. Terminally Grounded

There are some natural disasters that no one can prevent from happening and the effect is huge for natives of that place. These people were trying to get back to their home in Asia, but bad flying conditions were preventing them from getting home, so they were stranded at the airport for days with no flights on the horizon. However, they decided to be incredibly resourceful and use cardboard boxes as makeshift beds. Despite looking like homeless people, it worked!

23. Doodie Free

The vast majority of airports are not dog-friendly, but the small percentage of them that do, make plenty of allowances for man’s best friends. No matter how well-trained your dog is, they have needs just like the rest of us. This San Diego airport decided to assign a special “pet relief” area, so your pet can go about its business in peace and without nasty looks from appalled passengers. Think about it, it’s also a great place to hang around with cute puppies while waiting around.

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