These Homely TV Characters Are Unrecognizable With Makeup In Real Life

The characters in TV shows like “Downton Abbey” and “The Big Bang Theory” garner a lot of fans. Most of them seem very plain on the screen. However, in real life, these actresses are so beautiful that it’ll blow your mind!

1. Amy Farrah Fowler on “The Big Band Theory” Series

Gorgeous Mayim Bialik In Real Life

2. Bernadette Rostenkowski on “The Big Bang Theory”

Melissa Rauch plays a nerdy scientist on “The Big Bang Theory”.

In real life, Melissa Rauch looks absolutely gorgeous on the cover of Maxim.

3. Arya Stark on “Game of Thrones”

Maisie Williams takes on a role in “Game of Thrones”. The character is often mistaken for a boy.

In real life, the lovely girl likes to dress up on the red carpet.

4. Mrs. Hughes on “Downton Abbey”

“The key to Mrs. Hughes is no make-up, a rather unflattering wig and letting my eyebrows grow. Also high-definition TV is very unforgiving and hones in on every wrinkle,” actress Phyllis Logan has said of her Downton Abbey character.

In Phyllis Logan’s downtime, She is fashionable enough to get glammed up!

5. Daisy Robinson on “Downton Abbey”

Sophie McShera In Real Life

6. Kate McKinnon On Saturday Night Live

Kate McKinnon plays many weird characters. Her parodying Justin Bieber is hilarious and never fails to get a laugh.

However, she knows how to look her best. Here is a picture of when she was attending the 2014 Emmy Awards.

7. Frankie Heck On “The Middle”

Patricia Heaton plays a Midwestern mom with a sloppy appearance.

In real life, the 57-year-old lady scrubs up quite well.

8. Kimmy Schmidt on “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

Ellie Kemper In Real Life

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