The Amazing Before And After Body Transformations of Celebs

1. Wendy Williams – Lost 50 Lbs By Healthier Lifestyle

Wendy Williams, the fierce and sassy host of The Wendy Williams Show, lost 50 pounds. She long struggled with her weight and her love of food, until she made the commitment to keep herself healthy. By simply controlling what she ate and performing regular workouts, she’s transformed herself.

2. Drew Barrymore – Lost 20 Lbs By Santa Clarita Diet Inspired Eating

Drew Barrymore lost 20 pounds in a very creative way. She was inspired by her Netflix show, The Santa Clarita Diet, where she used the character she played called “Sheila” to help guide her in reality. She obeyed the guidelines but added meat as protein and found she had shed pounds after a short trial period. She has since admitted that she is still “dreaming and crying about pizza.”

3. Amber Riley – Dropped Two Dress Size By Giving Up Junk Food

Glee star Amber Riley is confident about the way she looks, but weight loss is simply never about confidence. Excess weight is unhealthy and places a strain on the body. When Amber visited the doctor, she realized the evil influence of her extra pounds. She made up her mind to shed weight and eliminated junk food from her favorite food list. As a result, she dropped two dress sizes.

4. Marie Osmond – Lost 50 Lbs By Strict Eating Plan

Marie Osmond successfully melted off over 50 pounds of fat and hasn’t regained them for the last decade. Her secret is to follow a strict eating plan designed by a nutrition company, and she just happens to be a spokesperson for that particular company.

5. Nick Carter – Lost 49 Lbs By Gym, Diet & Calorie-Counting

Nick Carter is a former member of the band The Backstreet Boys. At one point his weight ballooned up to 224 pounds, which sparked concerns that his appearance was at risk. He then hit the gym and asked for the help for a personal trainer. He worked six days a week and eliminated alcohol, counted calories and maintained a strict 1,400 calories a day diet. He went down to 175 pounds through great effort.

6. Lena Dunham – Lost 40 Lbs Because of Depression

Lena Dunham lost 40 extra pounds after Donald Trump took the presidential seat. She said that she was so beaten-up over the fact that Trump had won that she couldn’t even eat any longer due to depression. Sounds funny, but at least there’s a positive thing that came out of the entire ordeal.

7.  Josie Gibson – Lost 100 Lbs By Healthy Eating

Josie Gibson lost 100 pounds through a clean eating and strict diet within one year. She went from wearing a size 20 to wearing an unbelievable size eight. But as for her six pounds of excess skin, it had to be removed by a tummy tuck. Since she’s had another baby and has gained weight (back to a size 18). She insists that she will strive to keep fit.

8. Chris Christie – Lost 85 Lbs By Gastric Band Surgery

Chris Christie is the former governor of New Jersey. Because of the significant extra weight he carried, he faced severe health risks and in particular heart problems. As a result he underwent gastric band surgery that has given him a vast improvement to his health and also his appearance overall.

9. Miley Cyrus – Lost 25 Lbs By Pilates

The superstar, Miley Cyrus, employed regular exercise routines and a carefully controlled meal plan to keep her in tip-top shape. She especially loves Pilates and will practice it six days a week, for at least an hour each day. She refuses the gluten in her diet, which is helpful in keeping trim, according to professionals.

10. Zach Galifianakis – Lost 115 Lbs By Paleo Diet & Healthier Lifestyle

Zach Galifianakis is one of the funniest actors in Hollywood. He gained weight whilst shooting The Hangover and dropped the weight back in 2016. When asked about his weight loss, he responded with a joke: “I’ve had a lot of plastic surgery”. In reality, he achieved this by quitting drinking and training regularly.

11. Keely Shaye Smith –  Lost 105 Lbs By Healthier Lifestyle

The media often criticized Pierce Brosnan’ wife Keely for her weight and figure, but she never gives up. Under the guidance of her trainer and with a balanced diet, she lost a whopping 105 pounds and achieved an inspiring and incredible transformation.

12. Kimberley Locke – Lost 40 Lbs by Workouts

Singer-songwriter Kimberley Locke appeared on the second season of “American Idol” and was mocked by judge Simon Cowell because of her waistline. Then she made up her mind to make permanent and healthy changes and successfully lost 40 pounds.

13. Jake Gyllenhaal – Lost 20 Lbs By Starvation

Jake Gyllenhaal managed to lose weight but not for the right reasons, and most certainly not through the proper method. For his role in Nightcrawler, he needed a gaunt, withered look, which he achieved by starving himself to lose extra weight, including his hard-earned muscle mass.

14. Holly Hagan – Lost 40 Lbs By Diet And Fitness

The main reason for Holly Hagan’s weight gain is quite likely the frequent consumption of copious amounts of alcohol. She finally quit her unhealthy lifestyle and started to keep fit. Through volume of exercise, she has lost 40 pounds and went from a size 16 to a slim 8.

15. Jenni Farley – Lost 20 Lbs By Rigorous Workouts

Jenni Farley gained weight as a result of having a baby. After the birth of her son, she’s been maintaining steady weight loss through rigorous exercise and diet, and she has shared her entire experience through Instagram. She finally managed to lose 20 pounds.

16. Forest Whitaker – Lost 80 Lbs By Vegetarian Diet

Forest Whitaker lost a whopping 80 pounds in a very healthy way – adopting a vegetarian diet and eliminated junk food from his menu. The fiber-rich and low-calorie veggies did great for his weight loss and take a look at Whitaker now.

17. Delta Burke – Lost 65 Lbs By Healthy Diet

Delta Burke has long struggled with eating disorders. Weight gain and weight loss issues have accompanied her since her beauty pageant days. She has diagnosed diabetes, which forced her to take action to lose extra fat. She adopted clean eating habits and a healthy diet and lifestyle, and in the process, 65 pounds of weight disappeared.

18. Tami Roman – Lost 30 Lbs By Food Supplements And Light Exercise

When Basketball Wives star Tami Roman reached 185 pounds it scared her and she decided to lose weight. Since she has kicked her smoking habit, and still trusted she could shed the weight. The facts prove that she was right, through light exercise and food supplements, she managed to lose 30 pounds.

19. Deborra Lee Furness – Lost 65 Lbs By Workout And Clean Eating

Hugh Jackman’s wife Deborra Lee Furness grew in size as her husband built in popularity. She decided to lose weight, which was supported by her husband, Jackman. Through healthy diet choices and regular workouts, she successfully lost over 65 pounds.

20. Jason Sudeikis – Lost 20 Lbs By “Private” Workouts

The famous comedian, Jason Sudeikis, has lost 20 pounds. When asked weight loss method, he said that is to slip between the sheets with his beautiful wife, Olivia Wilde. We don’t know whether he is serious or not. But he indeed became thinner. This method sounds better than a gym subscription if true.

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