Kevin Costner’s $2.5M Aspen Ranch Is Straight Out Of ‘Yellowstone’

Located minutes away from downtown Aspen, Kevin Costner’s $2.5M retreat covers 160 acres and boasts three separate homes. This property was where the Hollywood star got married, and now it’s available for rent. Why not have a tour inside?

1. Main Residence

The major attraction includes 14 bedrooms, which perfectly blend rustic charm with an air of elegance.

2. Living Room

The cozy living room exposes all the wooden columns and ceiling beams, making it more cabin-like. The double-sided fireplace makes sure the room is warm and comfortable.

3. Dining Room

The dark long table and the chandeliers ooze class.

4. Kitchen

Next to the dining room is the kitchen, dominated by an ivory white hue and various copper and wooden utensils.

5. Full Bathroom

This bathroom is just one of the 6. White, black, golden shades make it both modern and graceful at the same time.

6. Master Suite

The master room presents a Mediterranean style. A sun porch adjoins the room.

7. Trapdoor 

There is a trapdoor hidden under one of the carpets, and it leads to a private jacuzzi. Let’s explore a magical hidden feature.

8. Waterfall

You will find a button near the jacuzzi to activate the waterfall device.

9. Bedroom With “Tiger”

The animal skin rugs and fur blankets are a few mementos from his film Dances with Wolves. A “mountain tiger” marks the room.

10. Botanist’s Bedroom

This bedroom looks like where a Botanist would love to stay, featuring plant samples and grass green pillows.

11. Floral Room

This purple floral wallpaper matches the white and purple bedding. Extra Bonus: you can overlook the Independence Pass from its windows.

12. Lake House

Besides the main home, the lake house can accommodate 12 more friends.

13. Living Room II

Unlike the Scandanavian one in the main home, this living room appears warmer with beige furniture and soft white lighting.

14. Rustic Kitchen

All elements in this kitchen are typical of a rustic style—mahogany closets, rock walls, and sultan carpet.

15. Antique Bedroom

Mahogany furniture and beige beddings add warmth and texture to the room. You can enjoy the picturesque waterscape in the comfort of your pajamas through the French doors.

16. Lakes

There are two private lakes at the foot of the Continental Divide to do watersports and fishing.

17. River House

Up to 8 people can rest in the river cottage at the corner of the estate.

18. Baseball Field

As an homage to his film Field Of Dreams, the property owner erected a sprawling personal baseball field, complete with stadium lighting.

19. Winter Recreation

When winter comes, you can enjoy skiing and ice fishing both day and night.

20. How Much

The splendid mansions on this unspoiled wilderness can all be yours if you can afford the $36,000 a night price tag for the three homes.

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