Jada Pinkett Smith Revealed A Secret About Her Turban

When you see Jada Pinkett Smith on the screen, you may suppose that she must live a perfect life. However, she was simply keeping her biggest insecurity hidden underneath her stylish turban. Finally, Jada has found the courage to share her story with the world.

1. A Break In The Usual Trend

Over the years, Jada has sported various hairstyles that have accented her unique beauty. Her fans have come to expect these outlandish style choices. But one day, Jada blew everyone out of the water when she appeared on her Red Table Talk Show wearing a turban. This behavior became a central talking point, and everyone was determined to figure out her motivation.

2. Beautiful Hairstyles On The Red Carpet

As we know, Jada Smith has usually surprised people by showcasing her varied and chic hairstyles. For instance, at the premiere of Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight, she showed up with a close-cropped, blonde haircut that charmed the crowd. But no one expected her to sport an unusual look with a turban.

3. The Look That Raised Eyebrows

By now, everyone has come to expect unique hairstyles from Jada. Although wearing a turban is undoubtedly beautiful, it was a little bit edgier than her usual surprise hairdos. After all, her hair plays a role in her self-expression, so hiding her hair in a turban was unusual. However, the secret truth was that Jada wasn’t wearing the turban for fashion reasons.

4. Speaking Of Hair

In one episode of the Red Table Talk Show, the conversation was focused on self-image and body preferences. Jada shared, “I was in the shower one day, and then [there was] just handfuls of hair, just in my hands.” It was the first moment of a massive battle with hair loss and the insecurity that ensued.

5. Fear Caused By Hair Loss

Can you imagine struggling with such a visible issue when you’re living every second in the spotlight? Jada’s hair loss caused her to experience fear on several occasions when she thought about this annoying issue. But luckily, she kept a positive attitude and decided to take charge of the situation.

6. Shorter Hair As A Coping Mechanism

Initially, Jada cut her hair in cropped styles to remove the visibility of obvious patches on the head. It made her feel a little bit more in control of her body, but the experience definitely damaged her self esteem. Although the actress had found a way to cope with her issue, it didn’t eliminate the problem of losing her hair.

7. Paying Extra Attention To Self Care

Jada’s hair had always been her pride and joy. In the past, Jada loved to flaunt her stylish locks in front of the camera, but now everything was different. To keep her hair healthy, Jada needed to adopt important care rituals. But she had one big concern. Was this hair loss a temporary issue, or was it a problem that would only worsen over time?

8. Getting To The Root Of The Cause

Jada’s hair was thinning out and losing its healthy shine. Rather than wallow in shame, the actress went to the doctors for an explanation. After many tests and visits to the professionals, Jada only ended up more frustrated. Some claimed it was “stress,” while others suggested that she is suffering from a rare condition called alopecia.

9. What Is Alopecia?

Perhaps you’ve heard about alopecia, the medical condition causes hair to fall out in certain areas of the head. The balding condition begins as a mild instance of hair loss but escalates quickly, leaving full patches of the head completely bald. In some cases, alopecia also causes eyelashes, eyebrows, and facial hair to fall out.

10. A Condition Without A Cure

At the moment, there is no treatment for alopecia, which means that people will lose their hair eventually. It’s especially heartbreaking for Jada because she has always regarded her hair as her pride and joy. The beautiful actress found herself in this situation, wondering if she was able to get through it.

11. Thinking Back In Younger Days

In Jada’s younger days, her full and healthy hair was one of her most attractive features. Many people thought that her hair was stunning. Some even doubted whether it was a wig because it always seemed to be perfect. But now, it was falling out in large chunks.

12. Relying On Inner Beauty

Fortunately, Jada didn’t wallow in sadness but chose to use her experience as an opportunity to show off her inner beauty. Continuing the trend of honesty on her show, Jada shared a break-through moment during the journey. She asked herself why she felt so terrible about her hair loss? Then she reconsidered her situation on a deeper level.

13. Tapping Into A Spiritual Perspective

During these moments of struggle, Jada learned a crucial lesson. She shared, “People are out there who have cancer; people have sick children. I watch the higher power to take things every day.” In comparison to these struggles, losing hair is a tiny drop in an ocean of problems experienced by the rest of the world. Not to mention the fact that she has had a successful career.

14. The One Show That Jada Is Most Proud Of

As you know, Jada is an excellent actress. Yet her most successful venture is undoubtedly her Facebook show, Red Table Talk. Jada’s mother and daughter are frequent guests on her show. The three generations of women talk openly and honestly together about various cultures, ideas, and values. Her fans had fallen in love with her personality and honesty. 

15. A Fantastic Outlook On Life

On the Red Table Talk Show, Jada has further emphasized her fantastic personality and attitude towards life. The turban does so much more than improve her confidence and make her feel powerful. She shares, “When my hair is wrapped, I feel like a queen.” We can learn a valuable and empowering lesson from Jada Pinkett Smith.

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