Inside The Life Of ‘Property Brothers’ Star Jonathan Scott

Jonathan Scott and Jacinta Kuznetsov seemed like a match made in heaven. Not only did they look great together, but they also built a strong partnership both personally and professionally. While fans were hoping to hear wedding bells chiming, they instead heard the heartbreaking news about their breakup. So where did things go wrong?

1. Magic Man

Years before identical twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott became international superstars, the boys were living on a horse farm outside of Vancouver, Canada. Even when he was a kid, Jonathan showed a strong stage presence and personality. He took an interest in magic and began working as an amateur magician, entertaining audiences with his skills. It was clear that Jonathan was on his way to something big, but nobody knew how far he’d go.

2. Rethinking His Career

At first, Jonathan thought he could make a career out of being a magician, or if not that, then perhaps something else within the field of entertainment. But he hesitated. There was a certain aspect of the entertainment business that made him feel unsure. If he chose this path, it’s possible that he could turn into a starving artist. So, he took his career in a different direction.

3. Prepared For Success

Ever since Drew and Jonathan were young, their dad had prepared them well for life, having them repair various things around the house. At the age of 14, he undertook the amazing project of building a dream home for his parents. His future career had been born, but he would have to take a big step.

4. The Two Brothers Were In It Together.

The two brothers shared a mutual interest in real estate and decided to forge their future together. They enrolled in the same college at the University of Calgary to study business management and further a blossoming career in real estate. As a pair of college freshmen, they did something that nobody had expected.

5. Students With The Same Goal

They saved enough for a down payment and bought their very first property, right across the street from the school. It gave them an awesome opportunity to do exactly what they wanted, which was to repair and sublet the house. After a year of experimenting, they sold it for a whopping $50,000 profit. The two were on the road to success, but what would it cost them later?

6. An Empire Is Born.

For the next ten years, Drew and Jonathan were making preparations for their business empire. They founded their own real estate company called Scott Real Estate. For their business, Jonathan traveled back and forth between Canada and Las Vegas. Being in Las Vegas brought back memories of being a magician, and he began to long for it again. Would Jonathan ever be able to realize his childhood dream of being an actor and entertaining audiences?

7. Show Time

Television producers were keen to cooperate with the handsome and ambitious real estate duo. So, the Property Brothers was born! On the show, Drew and Jonathan help families find, buy and transform fixer-uppers into dream homes. They were becoming increasingly popular, but the two had no idea how their fanbase would explode.

8. Instantly Recognizable

The Property Brothers was the perfect gateway for the twins to combine their love of performing with their passion for real estate. Drew and Jonathan became household names and gained millions of fans. They acquired their own production company and soon after, they became involved in books, music, radio, acting, and more. Jonathan’s career skyrocketed but something was missing from his life.

9. Bachelor

Jonathan was a handsome and successful guy with a good personality. The biggest question all his fans had in mind was why he was still single. Was he waiting for the Miss Right, and who would be the lucky lady?

10. Meeting A Special Girl

Finally, love struck at a charity event in the fall of 2015. Jonathan noticed an unbelievably beautiful blonde across the room and couldn’t take his eyes off her. Though he didn’t manage to talk to her on that occasion, he learned that her name was Jacinta Kuznetsov. But the question was, what would his next move be?

11. Can’t Help Missing Her

Jonathan couldn’t get Jacinta out of his head after the event. He followed her on Instagram and looked at her picture longingly every day. Finally, he summoned the courage to ask Jacinta out. How would she respond?

12. Not As Successful As Planned

To his joy, Jacinta said yes. Jonathan was ecstatic and wanted to know more about this mysterious lovely woman. He asked so many questions that she grew uncomfortable and told him he had asked “the worst questions.” The entire situation seemed doomed.

13. Won’t Give Up

But it was far from the end. Even if it had blown up in his face, Jonathan wasn’t about to give up. He sincerely apologized and boldly asked for a “do-over” and even asked if perhaps they could get together the next night. What would she say?

14. Take Two

To Jonathan’s surprise, Jacinta agreed, but on the condition that he stop bombarding her with probing questions. She also apologized and admitted that maybe she had been a little hard on him at first. Before the date, Jonathan had some self-reflection and decided to show her his true self. This time, the date went great. But would it last?

15. Life At The Top

Their second date turned into a third date, then another and another. Jonathan couldn’t believe how lucky he was with a full television enterprise and now his dream girl. At first the couple went slow, just enjoying the pleasure of getting to know each other from scratch. They kept things under wraps considering Jonathan’s celebrity status. But they couldn’t keep their relationship a secret forever.

16. Becoming Official

By posting on Instagram, Jacinta Kuznetsov and Jonathan Scott revealed to the world that they were officially a couple. Finally, television’s most eligible bachelor was taken! Things were about to take an exciting turn for the couple!

17. Working Together

Their relationship was big enough that audiences hoped to see Jacinta on Jonathan’s television show. Sure enough, Jacinta joined Property Brothers and made recurring appearances, winning the hearts of Jonathan’s fans all over the world. Their relationship appeared so perfect, but then, something peculiar happened.

18 Conflicting Messages

In a People magazine interview in August 2017, Jonathan remarked that they definitely wanted to get married. However, a few months later, he backpedaled, saying that he and Jacinta wanted to take things slowly. Fans were confused by Jonathan’s mixed messages and began to wonder whether something happened that they were unaware of.

19. A Sudden Bombshell

In early April 2018, a simple Instagram post took the internet by storm. Jonathan posted a picture of he and Jacinta playing with baby elephants. But in the caption, Jonathan announced that the couple had called it quits. Jacinta reposted what Jonathan had written. Both of them spoke with grace and Jonathan said that they would remain friends despite the separation. So, what on earth had happened?

20. Skeletons In The Closet

It turned out that Jonathan had a skeleton in his closet. Although Jacinta knew his secret, the rest of the world didn’t. Jonathan had been married before. He met his ex-wife Kelsy Ully while he was working for WestJet. They had dated for 5 years and were married for 2 – and it had ended badly. Could this have been preying on Jonathan’s mind?

21. Overexposure

To build her relationship with one of the biggest TV stars, Jacinta had needed to surrender a big portion of her personal life. Living, loving, and working together in a public way might have been too much for her.

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