If A Man Shows These Signs, It’s Because He Loves You

If a man shows 21 of the following signs, you can be sure that he loves you.

1. He is present.

When you are together, he is not on his phone all the time. He gives you attention. No wandering eye.

2. You’re the first person he wants to share good things with.

He always wants to share happiness with you. People tend to share goodness with who they love, and woes with the ones who love them. (Because when one shares problems/woes, one is seeking love.)

3. But he would go through shit/hardships with you, and still be glad that it was with you.

4. He’s willing to spend time, money, and energy on you.

What’s especially telling is when the ones who are short on money, spend on you; when the extremely busy ones make time for you, and when the ones who are spent, are there for you.

5. He wouldn’t make you wait, or wait too long (this includes transparency in daily life, future plans, etc.).

6. He genuinely cares for your wellbeing: if you are tired, happy, healthy, and safe…the things that really matter.

Some wouldn’t even want their loves to go through childbirth for the strenuous stress and pain it would cause.

7. Your happiness above all, even if that means letting you go. Seeing you happy and smiling is worth giving (up) all.

8. That said…he’s willing to fight for you.

9. He is observant and remembers the details.

10. Your problems become his. He tries to help in solving your problems.

11. He wants to experience life with you, discovering miracles in the mundane. You are in his plans for the future.

12. He takes actions, no lip-service.

13. Nothing’s too insignificant; you are his priority.

14. Love is acceptance. He accepts you for who you are along with your many idiosyncrasies.

15. It’s in his eyes; you see yourself in his eyes.

16. In the face of conflict, he works to resolve, not recoil.

17. He would not do anything that would knowingly make you sad or upset; he considers your feelings first.

18. He is supportive, and is always there for you. He protects you and your dreams.

19. He cherishes you. He appreciates you and doesn’t take you for granted.

20. It’s hard for him to say goodbye to you.

21. He is willing to make adjustments for you, willing to change for the better.

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