Don’t Miss Out 15 Benefits A Lint Roller Can Offer

If you have children around, chances are that you may meet the challenge of cleaning up spilled glitter from carpets. In this situation, a lint roller can be a real lifesaver. Besides that, here are 15 smart uses for lint rollers you’ll wish you knew all along.  

1. Clean Lampshades

It’s always time-consuming and frustrating to clean lampshades. Actually, the work can be as easy as pie with a simple lint roller. Just use it to run all over the shade, and the dust will become history.

2. Post Haircut Clean-up

Itchy trims of hair can be a huge headache after a haircut. Moreover, the hair left always gets in contact with your skin, and you can’t help scratching all the time. It’s even harder to clean it up once it creeps into smaller crevices. Give it a quick once-over with a lint roller, and you are good to go.

3. Remove Tiny Shards Of Broken Glass

It always seems to happen that we break a glass and still step on small pieces after sweeping. It can be dangerous and annoying to get rid of every shard. That’s where a lint roller should step in. Roll over the floor with it and get the paper changed out. Better safe than sorry!

4. Clean Out Handbags

Haven’t got a clue of where all the crumbs that collect at the bottom of your handbag came from? Well, don’t worry yourself. Roll a handy lint roller a couple of times through the bag and it will be free of all those crusty bits.

5. Clean Up Bed Sheets

Lint rollers can be a real lifesaver when it comes to crumb-filled bed sheets. Give them a good roll and enjoy the nighttime sleeping on clean sheets. 

6. Dust Off Drapes

It’s definitely no picnic to give your drapes a deep clean, since they are collecting dirt everyday. Here is a great quick fix. Just roll a lint roller up and down a few times and you can take them to the dry cleaner in a few more months’ time.

7. Remove Dandruff

It’s quite embarrassing to have a lot of dandruff, and it’s not always perfect timing to take a quick shower. Try busting it off from your shoulders with a lightweight lint roller, then you can bid adieu to those tiny white flakes. 

8. Tidy Up Couches

For hard-to-reach spaces like the underside of your furniture and carpet, even the best vacuum is no match for a handy lint roller. There’s no need to move your couches around. Simply run the lint roller underneath and you’ll get rid of the fuzz and dust.

9. Pick Up Spilled Glitter

If you have a child who loves crafts, you know all too well the headache of trying to clean up art projects involving glitter, sand, and tiny pieces of paper or ribbon. One quick swipe with a lint roller and the glitter didn’t stand a chance.

10. Clean Out Drawers

Almost every house has at least one junk drawer, and it’s the least likely spot to be tidied up. Cleaning out corners can be really troublesome. But don’t worry! Just remove everything inside and run a lint roller around. Get ready to be astounded by the dirt it collects!

11. Spruce Up The Car

Dirt and gunk are prone to lurk in crevices. As a double whammy, the inside of your car is most likely to collect dirt and dust. Under these circumstances, a powerful vacuum is no use. To get your car spic and span, try a lint roller, which fits in nooks and crannies. 

12. Clean Up Toys

It’s an easy solution to use a lint roller to clean your kids’ toys when you are pressed for time. A quick once-over with the roller will help dust off plush toys and get the crumbs to come right off them. 

13. Collect Pine Needles

It’s always delightful having a Christmas tree at home, however, the task of cleaning after it can be exhausting. When the tree begins to dry up, its needles scatter around. Nothing to be worried about, since s quick flick of the lint roller will whisk it away.

14. Clean Stereo Speakers

It’s vital to keep your stereo speakers clean and tidy, because many of our indoor entertainments use them. If you are singing the blues with the dust piling up, grab a lint roller to help you out.

15. Remove Dirt From Pool Tables

Dust on the pool table can completely ruin the game. To keep those delicate fibers intact, you’d better trap the dirt on the sticky paper of a lint roller. Time to get it rolling!

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