Be Careful These Animals Do No Good To Human Beings

Humans aren’t the only fascinating creatures on the Earth. Some though are captivating but dangerous at the same time. Distinguishing between those with furry cuteness and those with hidden dangers is not an easy task. So, don’t be fooled by these creatures when you see them next, as they’re the most dangerous animals in the world.

1. Hooded Seal

The Hooded Seal looks goofy and also a little bit cute, due to the inflatable bladder on the head of the adult male. Unlike the seals we all know and adore, they are actually super aggressive towards humans. It’s best to keep your distance. Most of these fierce marine mammals live in Canada, Greenland, and Iceland.

2. Cassowary

You are looking at the deadliest bird on earth and be sure never to be fooled by their beautiful appearance. They have fierce talons that can easily disembowel a human. If they can’t find food, then they attack. They are the last winged creatures you want to come across in the wild.

3. Stonefish

The Stonefish is the most poisonous fish on the list as it emits deadly neurotoxins from its glands whenever disturbed or threatened. The good news for humans is that few will go down to the bottom of the ocean for an encounter. But in the crazy event that a stonefish travels from the ocean floor, be aware. It can even survive outside of water for 24 hours.

4. Puffer Fish

The puffer fish is the most poisonous vertebrate in the world. However, amazingly these fish are a Japanese delicacy. If they are prepared incorrectly in soup dishes or raw, a human’s diaphragm becomes paralyzed, and they become incapable of breathing. The Japanese sure are brave (or crazy!) to eat something like that. Are you brave enough to try one?

5. Golden Dart Frog

Don’t let the beautiful yellow skin fool you. Just make sure you stay away from this pretty little guy when you visit the beautiful country of Colombia. The Golden Dart Frog is very dangerous as its skin has a coat of poison that’s lethal enough to kill ten grown men. One touch and you’re out for the count.

6. Blue-Ringed Octopus

About the size of a golf ball, this dangerous animal holds enough venom to kill 26 full grown adults. Once stung, a human will be completely paralyzed and unable to breathe. It’s best to stay away from all octopuses as a general rule.

7. Portuguese Man O’War

Here’s another deadly sea creature you should stay far away from. The Portuguese Man O’War is known for its venom which leaves large red welts on your skin, before making its way to your lymph nodes and causing fever, shock, and anaphylaxis. It is said to be one of the most painful animal venoms out there.

8. Box Jellyfish

The big sea creatures can be horrible, but some of the smaller animals can be even scarier. For instance, the Box Jellyfish is perhaps the deadliest little creature around. Known as Sea Wasps, they’re found in most major oceans and even the waters of California. They hunt smaller creatures, and their toxins are deadly to every living thing.

9. Cone Snail

Don’t neglect this little guy as he is not as tame as he looks. This creature has the nickname “Cigarette Snail” because you have just enough time smoke one before you end up dead. Their poison is very deadly, and a single drop can kill 20 adult males, plus there is no known antivenom.

10. Great White Shark

Ever heard of Jaws? A classic movie that tells a story about people getting violently killed by white sharks. There is no doubt that they are apex predators and have no fear while in the water. Their razor-sharp teeth, speed, and strength are a potent combo.

11. Polar Bear

The polar bear may look cute with its dense and fluffy body, but remember it is the world’s largest carnivore. With no natural predators, the polar bear is a scary creature. They eat anything that is even slightly meaty, including other polar bears. They aren’t known to kill many humans, but that’s because many of them aren’t ever around.

12. Frilled Shark

Even though these guys look more like eels than sharks, they are not as gentle as they look. Instead, they have a powerful hunting instinct and use their trident-shaped teeth to hook prey and keep them from escaping. Luckily enough they live in the deep water, as bumping into one of these might be your last time enjoying any kind of water.

13. Asian Giant Hornet

A swarm of bees might be scary, but there is something even more frightening. A giant hornet that can kill 40 bees in a minute and kills dozens of humans every year. They are attracted to the scent of human sweat and are especially sensitive to people running. No marathons should take place in their territories.

14. Bullet Ant

This isn’t the ant you see crawling along the road. Bullet ants have one of the most fitting names. when you’re hit with the venom from it, it carries the same amount of pain as being shot. It also contains a paralyzing toxin that is strong enough to bring down a full grown man. If you’re traveling in the South American rainforests, be careful as you might run into one of these insects.

15. Giant Pacific Octopus

These sea creatures live the longest of any octopus species. They can weigh up to 600 pounds and are a formidable predator. With sucker-covered legs and huge month containing a toothed-tongue, the process of death with these guys is one of the scarier ones.

16. Deathstalker

This highly venomous scorpion is responsible for over 75% of scorpion related deaths every year. Once stung, adults usually experience unbearable pain, and children can suffer fever, coma, convulsions, and paralysis before their lungs fill up, and they drown in their own fluid.

17. Africanized Honey Bee

These genetically mixed “killer bees” came about from an experiment gone wrong, in 1957, a Brazilian beekeeper interbred European and African honey bees. The resultant species spread out the Americas and are notorious for their tendency to swarm relentlessly and aggressively, chasing their victims for miles.

18. Cape Buffalo

Known as the “widowmaker” or “black death,” the Cape Buffalo is responsible for more fatalities each year than any other large animal on the continent. Stay away from these large guys and remember they do not play nice with humans.

19. Sloth Bear

Sloth Bear is highly ferocious. They are territorial and often attack humans by clawing them in the face and on the head. Don’t let that tongue fool you, or you’ll regret it.

20. White-Tailed Deer

You might wonder if it is a mistake to put such a harmless animal on a list of dangerous animals. The truth is that the deer can be a hazard to human life in a big way, instead of attacking humans; they bring death a different way. The deer is responsible for more than 1.5 million collisions between vehicles every year, which in total leads to more than 100 human deaths per year and thousands of injuries.

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