Barbi Benton Is 71 And This Is The House She Lives In Today

1. A Caterpillar On Stilts

Barbi Benton calls her 23,000-square-foot house “a caterpillar on stilts.” Located high on Starwood mountain, just outside Aspen, the Copper Palace cost $75,000 for the interior design alone and it took six years to build. 

2. Living Room

Compared to other oddly designed rooms, the living room is the most ordinary one. In the half-moon-shaped room, one can enjoy the fab views of the valley while playing musical chairs. 

3. Unique Design

Benton’s partner was skeptical of whether she could take part in and complete the masterpiece. Yet, she did it perfectly. The flooring consists of 17 different hardwoods, which have been cut and transported from Kentucky to Colorado. “It’s like a jigsaw puzzle,” said Benton. 

4. Dining Room

The dining room is covered in laurel green and semi-sweet chocolate brown. The antique pendant light, stained glass lamps, and renaissance revival dining tables and chairs bring a different vibe. 

5. Bathroom

The bathroom is finished  in a veined marble. Although simply decorated, it still has a striking aesthetic beauty. Maiden sculptures bring a touch of solemness, while pale pink orchids bring a sense of tenderness.

6. Ballroom

The banquet hall is filled with contrasting colors. On the green wall is a 40-foot-long mural based on a Toulouse-Lautrec painting. There are also many handicrafts to be found on the three curved stripe tables. 

7. Disco Night

It is a room full of psychedelic colors. The sequined eye patterns look at you from the walls and tables. The green lights embedded on the wall gives you a sense of dancing in the exotic air.

8. Disco Room

This is the place where the magic happens. Benton chose every interior element herself to make the perfect disco room, from researching exotic wood to going to a crystal show in Phoenix to pick out amethyst, quartz, and pyrite. In this room, up to 100 people can enjoy glamorous parties. 

9. Main Staircase

Everywhere shows off Benton’s ingenuity and eclecticism. Outside the disco room is a curving, metallic marble staircase covered in turquoise. On the right hand staircase wall are three wildlife photographs taken by Benton herself. 

10. Private Cinema

The arched private cinema is an homage to the Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles. The difference is that the collision of colors and different totems make up a totally surreal room.

11. Swimming Pool

There are two swimming pools in this largely timber made room. Benton asked for two pools with different temperatures: the hotter one for her and the colder one for him.

12. Stairs

Each staircase is unique. Constantly shifting colors and styles seem to transport you into completely different spaces.

13. Antiques

Benton has collected almost 40 artists’ work at home, from wooden ducks to Andrew Carnegie’s table. Benton often makes pottery and porcelain with her children.

14. House In The Snow

On a snowy evening, Benton’s home is more like a spaceship, giving a futuristic sense of floating through space. Throughout the construction, Benton also proved her ability in interior design.

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