At 58, Tom Cruise Finally Reveals Pics Of His $39.5M Colorado Mountain Ranch

Tom Cruise puts his 320-acre Colorado mountain ranch on the market for an insane $39.5 million. The palatial home is where Tom spent much of his marriage with Katie Holmes. Click through to peek inside the full extent of the secluded property.

1. Opulent Hall

All rooms within Cruise’s 11,512 square feet living space feature natural-finished wood and wicker furniture that preserves the aesthetic of the opulent home.

2. Massive Living Room

The grand living room boasts exposed wooden beams and a roaring stone fireplace. The area is so spacious that it can accommodate a dozen guests.

3. Pro-Grade Kitchen

The kitchen is equipped with a professional stove, a wooden island with two sinks, and fridges paneled with wood. All furniture and appliances match the warm tone of the property well.

4. Inviting Dining Room

The ranch aesthetic holds strong in the massive dining room with the light fixture and the decor. The table setting is simple and inviting dotted with two vases of flowers.

5. Comfortable Bedroom

The main house occupies a land of 10,000 square feet and has four bedrooms in total. Wood elements run through the room, too.

6. Bright Sitting Area

The small sitting area includes a wooden table surrounded by sofas, books, and a fireplace. You can also enjoy the beautiful mountain views of Colorado through the big windows.

7. Lively Rec Room

The recreation room is apparently one of the most lively places on the property, with a pool table, a piano, a foosball table, and a mini bar for sitting and drinking.

8. Quiet Sitting Area

This covert area is perfect for reading and meditation, with cabinets full of books and artworks against the walls.

9. Spacious Family Room

This room features exposed wooden beams overhead, hard wooden floors underfoot, a log wall on one side, and a stone wall with a stone fireplace on the opposite.

10. The Oprah Winfrey Show

The home is also where Tom Cruise hosted his infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey.

11. Guest House

Besides the main house, the estate also has a 1,512 square feet guest house with three bedrooms.

12. Aspen Grove

The sprawling property also includes an Aspen grove and a court for tennis, basketball, or ice hockey.

13. Rustic Porch

The house also has a rustic porch, which is a fun place to watch the sunrise and sunset over the mountains.

14. Stunning Mountain Views

Surrounding the house, there are 14,000-foot snow-covered mountains and lush forests. The wildness is as grand as the home.

15. Nearby Activities

Nestled just outside of the Uncompahgre National Forest, the massive ranch crisscrossed with trails for hiking, dirt-biking, snowmobile-riding.

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