8 Scientific Ways Our Dog Saves Our Life Every Single Day

We all know that dogs are incredible sources of joy and happiness. They are loyal and loving even at our very lowest moments. In fact, dogs also save our lives on a day-to-day basis. Wanna know why? Click through to find out the reasons.

1. They are natural mood boosters.

Being with dogs helps boost the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain, and these chemicals are connected to happiness, affection, and contentment. So spending time with a dog instantly lifts our spirits.

2. They lower our blood pressure.

Studies have proven that spending time with a dog lowers our blood pressure, which has a powerful effect on our day-to-day life and might even make us more heart-healthy in the long run.

3. They get us out of the house.

We may find it hard to motivate ourselves to get out of the house if we’re a dyed-in-the-wool homebody. Fortunately, dogs always have a good reason to go outside, and they’re more than happy to bring their favorite people out too.

4. They boost our immune system.

Surprisingly, the doggy breath may actually be doing our health some good, because taking in germs that aren’t naturally in our systems strengthens the immune system and helps protect us from unexpected illness down the line.

5. They’re a great support system.

Dogs will never let us down in a time of need. No one will dry our tears as quickly as our pup after a bad breakup or a tough day at work.

6. They can help with more complex health issues.

Dogs can provide therapy for medical issues. Dogs can also predict a seizure or a drop in blood sugar, and they have even been known to detect cancer before their humans realize anything is wrong.

7. They could save our skeleton

Drinking milk isn’t enough to keep osteoporosis at bay as we age, we need impactful exercise too. So our dog is doing her bit to preserve our bones every time she begs for a walk or a game of fetch.

8. They can soothe our chronic pain.

Folks who struggle with chronic pain must have the feeling that nothing soothes a sore and achy body faster than a warm puppy curled up against the stomach.

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