7 Taylor Swift’s Challenging Characters That Will Blow Your Mind

Taylor Swift captures a lot of fans with her country sounds and her girl next door looks. Whether her rolling around in the desert or fighting her evil enemy, it is no doubt that the characters she portrays for her music videos are impressive. Also, her wardrobes are big highlights. Here we share with you to look back how she looks in 7 music video shots and it may blow your mind.

1. The Ultimate Crush in “Our Song”

Her very initial music video is touching. Although she rocked various dresses, the most gorgeous are her princess-style pastel blue prom dress and her curly hair.

2. Shakespeare Princess in “Love Story”

The video “Love Story” inspired by “Romeo and Juliet” impelled her into the spotlight. The world is not only crazy for her music but also her Juliet-inspired outfit. With her hair in an elegant updo and the skirt billowing in the breeze, she looked every inch the Shakespeare Princess.

3. “You Belong With Me”

The character in “You belong with me: 2009” is much different than before to suit to the plot. With her curly hair tied back into a ponytail and some geek-chic glasses, she happily danced around her bedroom. It’s a bit nerdy but cool.

4. “I Knew You Were Trouble”

Taylor tried different styles in this video. Except for singing, she changed her hair style and started to wear skinny jeans and vests.

5. “Blank Space”

It’s not hard to find from the shot that her eyes are filled with revenge. Also, the outfit she wore was a little chilly. Pretty scary, isn’t it? Is there anything else she can not try?

6. “Bad Blood”

Taylor continued to challenge the revenge-seeking character in this video. The color of her hair is like flaming blaze.

7. “Wildest Dreams”

Wearing jet black hair and old fashion make-up, Taylor channeled a young Elizabeth Taylor in this latest music.

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