7 Surprising Reasons Your Dog Should Sleep On Your Bed Every Night

We have heard that it’s dirty and not good for you to invite the dog into your bed, but what if we told you that maybe that isn’t entirely true.
Letting your four-legged best friend spend the night is good for your health. You’ll sleep better and it’s better for your dog too.

1. They Give You Comfort

Whether it’s their warm body or balanced breathing, you will feel comfortable with your dog. They make your bed feel even cozier!

2. They Help You Fall Asleep

Their company promotes calm, stress relief, and a feeling of safety. So, they take away all of the things that keep you up at night!

3. Snuggling With Them Relieves Stress And Anxiety

A pooch’s company is a great stress reliever. Their positive outlook seems to be contagious, and their attentive nature can be very reassuring.

4. They Provide Warmth

They curl up as close and warm you in the bed. Who doesn’t love a little bit of natural warmth on a chilly night?

5. They Help Fight Depression

The love from your dog is unconditional. For someone battling depression, this connection can feel hard to come by. To receive it, with no questions asked, can work wonders during a particularly tough time.

6. They Make You Feel Safe

It is comfortable to know that your dog is watching over you when you’re at your most vulnerable. Their super hearing and barking at strangers are all factors in this.

7. It’s Good For Your Dog, Too

There is nothing but your dog in the world love more than you, so allow them to spend that extra snuggle time that will make their day. They get comfort from you in the same way that you do from them, so this sleep arrangement is good for everyone!

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