60 Celebrities To Whom Time Has Been Kind

People are afraid of losing their beauty and charm as time flies. However, for some actresses, time and age can’t do any harm. Look at these Hollywood sweethearts who aged beautifully by using different methods!

1. Erika Eleniak

Model and actress Erika Eleniak has been in the entertainment industry for more than 3 decades. Although her hair has changed from blonde to grey, with light blue eyes and signature smile, Eleniak is still the dream girl.

2. Halle Berry

Halle Berry had gone from a teenager to a mature woman, but she looks almost the same as Halle from college. When asked for her secret, the actress suggests having good quality sleep, enough water intake, and longer breathing time for skin. 

3. Angelina Jolie

Time receded Angelina Jolie’s childishness and added to the charm of maturity. For 38 years in her career, Jolie retained her beauty by using vitamins and supplements.

4. Julia Roberts

Since her debut, Julia Roberts has impressed everyone with her smile and beauty. She claims that 99% of her skin health was due to the food she eats. Coconut oil, avocado eggs, and blueberries are her everyday must. 

5. Nicole Kidman

Rumor has it that Nicole Kidman had done cosmetic surgery to look younger. Some believed that she used derma filters. Kidman admitted that she had tried Botox but stopped because it stiffed her face.

6. Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet is best known for starring in the hugely successful TV series The Cosby Show, in which she played Denise Huxtable. After The Cosby Show Lisa acted in several films, married musician Lenny Kravitz and the couple had a daughter, Zoe. Bonet and Kravitz eventually divorced and she gave up acting for a while. She went back to TV and she has a film due to come out this year. She is now married to  Aquaman actor Jason Momoa.

7. Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis is one of those SATC girls with a good practice skincare regime, and even though she is 53, she still receives Credits for being just absolutely perfect and beautiful. The best advice she always gives for the maintenance of healthy skin in old age is sunscreen. 

8. Courteney Cox

We really can’t believe how Courtney has aged. However, she’s not glad because of the different lines appearing on her face, she has opted for fillers on her face. The fillers made her look strange, and we’re not happy about that decision she made, because she is no longer looking like her real self. Thankfully, Courtney discovered this herself, and she dissolved the fillers in 2017, returning to her original and beautiful self. 

9. Elizabeth Hurley

If you ask Elizabeth to give you advice on anti-aging tips, she’ll tell you that what matters most is what’s on the inside, and if you feel good on the inside, then the same thing will be applicable on the outside. Looking at how good she looks, you’ll probably be glad to follow her advice because it has produced a good result in her life. 

10. Stockard Chaining

Stockard started her career in the early ‘70s, appearing in many TV series and movies but then she has received Credits for roles she played in The Matthew Shepard Story, Grease, and The West Wing. Due to her many ability and skills, she has been able to win many awards and get many nominations over the years. While she’s in her 70s, Stockard does necessarily need cosmetics to sustain her great looks as she still looks spectacular. Even though Stockard has divorced up to four men in the past years, she now has a happy relationship with Daniel Gillham.

11. Kylie Minogue

Kylie is one of the prominent and famous artists in the world that has received Credits for her hard work and versatility. Many endless youths of today are amazed by the fact that she named one of her albums Aphrodite (Greek mythology which means goddess of beauty). She has revealed to always appear younger, she got hooked to using Botox, and that’s just because she believes that looking young is worth any Investment and it’s also core to the entertainment industry. But after discovering the insecurities involved in her head, she abandoned the injections and is now living an ordinary lifestyle. We’re of the opinion that her natural self looks even more perfect.

12. Sandra Bullock

Sandra got a unique facial aging skin treatment with Oceans 8’s Cate Blanchett, and in addition to Vogue Australia, Cate has been telling everyone about it. This facial contains an enzyme called the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) – extracted from the foreskin of newborn babies. The entire procedure is called Hollywood Epidermal Growth Factor Facial (HEGFF), it goes for $650 and has a two years waiting list according to E-online, promising collagen regeneration as well as elastin in the skin- all these are the constituents of a youthful face. We’re also quite sure that Sandra has an entire skincare regime in addition to her fitness routine and night creams. 

13. Joanna Lumley

Joanna played the role of Patsy Stone on the show titled Fabulous, and she did it in such a unique manner that she was able to earn the BAFTA TV award twice in a row. She’s been able to work in 107 acting projects (that must be a very huge Credit Score), and the most recent and notable amongst them is The Wolf of Wall Street. Joanna does not seem to have any project in the nearby future but we give Credits to the skincare routine that she’s been following, we’re quite sure that we’ll see more of Joanna in the nearby future.

14. Charlotte Ross

Charlotte is one of the most gorgeous and attractive actresses to have entered Hollywood and many people who follow her, give her Credits because of her beauty. We’ll be glad to know if Charlotte uses any form of anti-aging supplement but then as it stands, her skincare regime is confidential. Whether she’s using a miracle solution or she’s looking young because of genetics, we may never know. 

15. Melissa Sue Anderson

Even though Melissa began her career at a very tender age, she became famous as Mary Ingalls on the NBC’s Little House on the Prairie. This unique role brought her more Credits and helped her gain more popularity in many other sitcoms. Though she’s 55, Melissa still looks exquisite, and this is something that a number of her colleagues particularly envy her for. 

16. Cheryl Ladd

Even though Cheryl’s initial plan was to pursue a career in music, she eventually became a well-known actress. Her fame and Credits comes mainly because of the role she played in the iconic TV series titled Charlie’s Angels– she replaced one of the original actresses. Cheryl started appearing in series and movies even while she was still in pursuing a Degree in school. In addition to that, she’s an author, and she published her maiden children’s book in 1996. Seeing how beautiful Cheryl looks even at 66, we’re left in thought whether she looks great because of plastic surgery or whether it’s just natural. Whichever way, she can boast flawless skin.

17. Susan Sullivan

Susan Sullivan has been a house name with various TV shows over the years most notably Castle and Falcon Crest. She later attended Freeport High school and went on to get her degree from Hofstra University. The veteran is well known for her role off with the Broadway play Jimmy Shine, Sullivan went into an agreement with Universal Studios in 1969, which opened the ways to a long-acting vocation that has enabled her to arrive jobs even now that she is in her mid-70s. Generally, she has figured out how to maintain a strategic distance from a hanging skin that accompanies aging and now is good to go to show up on the TV show, The Kominsky Method. With a net worth of more than $5 million, Susan with a good investment planning will not only distance herself from sagging skin but also declining money—bankruptcy.

18. Gwen Stefani

If you’re a woman and you’re in your forties, then you need to take a look and draw insights from Stefani’s skincare Online Classes and write-ups, because she has defiled all the laws of aging. The secret to her impeccable skin condition has been repeatedly modeled by many other women in Hollywood- staying out of the sun. Gwen believes that if you must go out then ensure to put on sufficient sunscreen that’ll shield your skin from any form of destructive UV radiation. Additionally, she recommends plenty of sleep alongside a clean face. She believes that if you sleep with foundation or powder on the face, it can be damaging to your skin health and because of that, you should always ensure that your face is free of all makeup before hitting the bed. 

19. Debra Messing

Debra stepped into show business in the ‘90s, and started with a short role on the TV show NYPD Blue. At that time, she was in her 20s, and that is principally strange seeing how many actresses and actors these days get into the industry at a very tender age. Debra has aged quickly since that time, but amongst all odds, she’s not worried because she has made huge Investment in diet plan and a fitness regime which appears to be functional for her. We give Credits to her good genes because it has been counted in her favor as well.

20. Lucy Liu

Even thou she’s 49, Liu still looks glowing and radiant; and because of this, a lot of people are wondered and left with the question: Does Liu use anti-aging products? To answer that question, she said according to an interview with E-online that the top-secret behind her wrinkle-free face and clean skin is water- something that is readily available to us all. Liu recommends that to keep the skin well-hydrated and fresh, one need to drink a lot of water. 

21. Julianne Moore

One noticeable thing in the 2014 movie titled Still Alice was how little Julianne has aged. Her skin looks somewhat stretched around her jawline, and her wrinkles are minimal for a 57-year-old woman. She gives Credits to sunscreen as the secret behind her youthfulness. She believes that one of the deadliest factors that damage our skin is the sun and to keep our skin healthy and young.

22. Sharon Stone

Because Sharon looks younger than her age, you might probably think that she has a very high maintenance routine, but then you’d be shocked to know that she is fond of cutting her hair. She stated that she has removed alcohol, caffeine, sodas, gluten, and sodas form her diets and that she always exercises to ensure that she’s in good shape. 

23. Dolly Parton

When it comes to country music, Dolly Parton is one of the outstanding and well-known figures. Right from the ‘60s, she has been known and recognized as someone in the country music scene. Parton has made a lot of opulence in the past years, but then she spent a huge Degree of her wealth on various plastic surgery. 

24. Dame Diana Rigg

Due to her relentless effort in the field of drama as far back in 1994, the British Empire awarded Diana Rig with the title of Dame. She principally fascinated a lot of people with her perfect role in Game of Thrones through her enthralling beauty and brilliance. The legendary actor is 79, yet her face looks like that of someone who is 50-year-old. Contrariwise, Diana’s skin is already showing signs of aging. But even in this, her elder care physician Attorney is glad about her health, and so we are quite sure that at this point in her life, Diana is not worried about her looks, we’re sure that she doesn’t spend some kind of Investments in the purchase of cosmetics.

25. Dame Judy Dench

Judi is a British actress who has engraved her image in the mind of many as a woman who is independent, strong and domineering. While growing up, Judy was a bit shy and poised, but the 83-year-old Judy is confident and strengthen. Truth be told, due to how she looks, if she tells people that she’s in her later 60s, a lot of people would still believe her. Oh yeah, we admire her.

26. Betty White

Betty is a comedy symbol and the very first woman to produce her sitcom. Having a career of over 75 years, Betty is still acting, and she’s not yet ready to retire. Betty recently featured in the sitcom Hot in Cleveland. She’s a very positive and someone who likes to advice people to be proud of their age and their wrinkles. In one interview, she admitted her love for vodka, but this hasn’t prevented her from looking great at 96. 

27. Molly Ringwald

VH1 has tagged Molly as the number one famous star in history, and she’s proud about that. She was part of the Brad Pack, a team of passionately successful young actors in the ‘80s. Molly appeared in films such as Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and in series like The facts of Life, we’re sure that Molly has a very strong Financial Degree. Throughout the years, she has maintained a good look and a low-key lifestyle. 

28. Goldie Hawn

Goldie’s big blue eyes and signature bangs still sparkle as they did while she was tender. Goldie, a recipient of both Golden Globe and Academy Award, remains a ray of sunshine. She gives Credits to dancing, meditation and having fun as the essential factors that define her youthful appearance. 

29. Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle is a superstar who can make a traffic stop. At 59, she still looks dazzling as ever. She has made a name in films such as Grease 2, Batman Returns and Scarface. She cites participation with a vegetarian cult as her drug and alcohol rehab, but she also adds that they went away with a lot of her earnings and Investments. She is internationally known as one of the most skilled actresses of her generation, with many directors giving Credits that her look seconds her talent.

30. Lisa Whelchel

Lisa became famous as a Mouseketeer on Disney’s The New Mickey Mouse Club. This in addition to her nine-year stint on the Facts of Life, made her star solidified. Even thou Lisa has never requested for the assistance of a Lawyer, she has never been a victim of her fame. She has battled hard to maintain a healthy and functional relationship in her gorgeous looks. Even without any cosmetic enhancement in sight, Lisa still has a youthful glow. 

31. Olivia De Havilland

Olivia is another of Hollywood’s Golden Era girls who seem to remain gorgeous no matter their age. She made a lot of Investments appearing in films such as The Heiress and The Adventures of Robin. Even though Tokyo-born Olivia has quietly resigned from the industry, she remains an innovation to many people. She states that at 101, a lot of people expect her to be dead but then she is still alive and even resides in a hotel in Paris, what other beautiful places can a star spend her last years on the planet earth?

32. Barbara Bach

Barbara is another Bond-girl who has managed to defy time and the odds when it comes to a Hollywood marriage. She’s an actress and a model, and she has featured in The Spy Who Loved Me. Her looks have nothing to do with Botox injections and cosmetic surgery. Instead, the Credits goes to her happy marriage life and healthy lifestyle as a vegetarian. These are the secrets behind her timeless and youthful beauty.

33. Jodie Foster

Jodie is one of the most intelligent and talented actresses that reigns in her generation. She attended Yale and graduated successfully with a Degree. Her career ascended, many Credits to the films Panic Room and Silence of the Lambs, but she remains grounded. Even though she doesn’t state a particular beauty routine; we’re quite sure that her stability in marriage has a significant impact on her happiness and health.

34. Barbara Eden

Barbara’s first performance started when she was singing solos in the church choir. When she reached her teens, she got involved in night show performance, and she soon developed an interest in acting. Her most notable performance till date was in the film titled I Dream of Jeannie-where she acted the role of a genie. For someone who is 86 years old, Barbara still looks flawless Credits to her gorgeous skin color and type.

35. Danica Mckellar

Danica is known for her outstanding performance in the movie titled The Wonder Years, and now that she’s in her 40s, we’re particularly amazed at how she still looks gorgeous without any lines on her face unlike many of her other colleagues. All this gives us an indication that, her secret could be because of good genes. Amazingly enough, Danica is well to do and she also has a good Credit Reports.

36. Helen Slater

Helen in the year 1984, took decided to act the lead role of Supergirl and till present, she represents Danvers Eliza in the new Supergirl TV series. She’s been a famous face on the big screen Credits to her role in favorite movies like City Slickers, Ruthless People, and The Secret of My Success. We’re glad to state that Helen is far from bankruptcy.

37. Tina Louise

Louise is an American actress who acted the role of Ginger Grant in the TV comedy titled Gilligan’s Island. In the year 1958, the actress won Golden Globe, Credits to the role she acted in the drama film God’s Little Acre. She believed that it was Gilgan’s Island that ruined her career because she found it difficult to act the role of Ginger in the comedy.

38. Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte became famous, Credits to Barbarella and God Created Woman. In the ‘60s and ‘70s, the French bombshell made waves using her charming and unique looks. Over the years, Bridget has passed through a lot of disputes in life. At 49, Brigitte was rushed to the hospital as a result of an overdose intake of drugs, but then she seems to look happier and healthier today. Even in her 80s, Brigitte still looks charming and sparkling. 

39. Pauley Perrette

Since 2003, Pauley has featured as Abby Scuito on the TV show called NCIS, and that has made her receive many Credits and recognizable amongst fans of NCIS. Even at 49, Pauley still looks sparkling even with or without makeup. 


Michelle Phillips who has been working in showbiz for quite a while now is said to be the last member alive from the musical band, The Mamas and The Papas. Phillips wandered into acting and has had a broad and effective career, most prominently as a piece of the cast of Knots Landing. We assume her anti-aging lotion, has demonstrated exceptional effectiveness, as she looks a lot more youthful than her age.


Jane Fonda has managed to be one in all. She has been an activist, actress, model and even fitness guru. Her timeless look has kept many wondering what her hidden secret?


IT was at the early age of 16 that Kelly Lebrock took the decision to go into modelling and she later made it big by appearing in the magazine of which she modelled for Christian Dior. In the 1980s she then made her debut in acting world, through her role in the movie, The Woman In Red. After a severe dive in her career, she made a stunning comeback in 2015 through the film, A Prince For Christmas. Lebrock is two years away from 60, after her divorce with Steven Seagal. She didn’t own a TV for 24 years because of her home security.


Jaclyn Smith is best known for her smartness and strange beauty. Jacklyn released a brand of skincare products and names it Jacklyn Smith Beauty. We’re quite perplexed whether or not Jacklyn uses her products, but you must acknowledge that for her to look this beautiful at this age, then she must have been incredibly blessed, all credits to her rare genetics.


At the age of 89, Tippi looks fresh and even more prepared to achieve more in her career. She has received credits due to her performance in the 1963 film titled The Birds. We don’t know much about her skincare secret, and this might be because she is rather old-fashioned about self-care. 


Kris is a reality star and mother of the Jenner/Kardashian girls, and one of the renowned television personalities. Even at 63, she still looks stunning and beautiful. It’s not difficult to find her secret to keep young. Just like her daughters, she spends a lot of her investments on plastic surgery and Botox but who will blame her?


With the way she looks, it’s nearly impossible to imagine that Stacey is 52 years old. The star looks like someone who’s in her 30s, and she has left many people wondering about what secret helps her stay this young. It was the role she played as Dionne Davenport in Clueless that made her receive many Credits and very popular. 


Martha looks extraordinary radiant than someone who is 77-year-old. She started her business by giving women skincare advice as soon as she discovered that her skin was extraordinary. Martha is one of those people who live by what she teaches others.


Melissa Gilbert began acting career during the late 60s, and she has received credits for her performances Little House on the Prairie. Even though Melisa looks exquisite today, she has struggled with drug abuse and alcohol. She has succeeded in overcoming the additions and even wrote a book on it. 


Olivia is the star who played the good-girl-gone-bad role in Grease, but in reality, she has never done anything terrible. Although her daughter’s alcohol and drug abuse led her to stay in the luxury rehab compulsorily, she never had to battle with substance abuse personally. She has made an investment in breast cancer, an illness that she fought and won against it.


Jeri is an actress with a perfect smile and one of the most well-known for the role she played as Borg Seven of Nine in the movie titled Trek: Voyager. Due to her outstanding performance, Jeri has been nominated four times in a row for a Saturn Award, and she eventually won one in 2001. The actress is 50 years old now, and she isn’t slowing down at all. She is still actively pursuing her career in acting, and she has appeared in a lot of TV series.


The American model is 64-year-old, but she looks much younger than her age. With her overall youthful appearance and glowing skin, she makes a lot of people wonder about her secrets. Whether it’s merely good skincare or nutrition, this businesswoman, actress, and model look just spectacular.


It was the 1983 blockbuster, Flashdance that led to the eminence of Jennifer Beals. She was then known as the dancing queen at that moment. The former teen model and American actress became a role model that every lady looked onto then. She’s still pursuing her acting career though. Jennifer claims not to be spending a lot of Investments on her skincare regime, but we quite do not agree with her on that, because she still looks good even at 54.


Nicole is a beautiful lady, and she has appeared in international TV shows like Charles in Charge and Baywatch, Who’s the Boss? These roles and appearance helped her to gain popularity as a renowned actress in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Even though she is no longer performing that much of late, her flaxen hair still adds a lot to make her look great. At her age, she still has a very youthful appearance and a perfect smile. 


The name Elizabeth Shue you can safely say is synonymous with success. Elisabeth Shue is exceptionally and contributed to the success of some iconic movies like The Karate Kid, Back to the Future Part II, and Back to the Future Part III. Elizabeth assumes credits for various Academy, Golden Globe, and BAFTA grants and assignments. 


Don’t you feel amazed when actresses look 34 when there are 54 years old? Businesswoman and Australian model, Elle Macpherson has disclosed her secrets, and we’ll be glad to share them with you. She recommends plenty of water, intake of protein foods in the morning and at least 8 hours of sleep every night. The alkaline diet plan will also help to sustain a youthful facial appearance.


Surprising enough, Angela Basset was recently featured in Wakanda as the Queen Mother, she acted the role well.. Many actresses at her age are typically struggling with aging skin, but then Angela does not look like someone who’s battling with such predicament. She also released a line of skin products catered for the welfare and needs of dark-skinned women. She has done a very fantastic job by functioning on this line, and the impact alone makes Angela beautiful both inside and outside. 


Turner is one of those famous stars, and she’s popularly recognized because of her loud voice. In the ’80, she had a very eventful career due to her representations in movies like Romancing the Stone, Prizzi’s Honor, and Body Heat. 


Tonya Harding is famous for her role as a figure skater, retired boxer, and reality television personality. Now even though she’s 47, she still looks gorgeous and has an occasional wrinkle around the eyes, a beautiful blonde hair; all these only make her more attractive. 


Even though she had other notable roles, Erin Murphy is best known for the role as Tabitha Stephens she played in the TV show called Bewitched. Erin also featured in Deadly Fighters, and she has had to seek the counsel of a divorce Attorney three consecutive times. Looking at how beautiful she looks even at this age, one is tempted to say that Eric got a lot of nutrition and beauty tips that she can share to women around the globe.


Helen’s accomplishments are too many to name. Her successful and long career makes it even hard to pick a few of her achievements. Apart from the challenge which she encountered in her 20s where she battled with drug addiction, she has never been in need of any rehab center to live a substance-free life. When it comes to her ever glowing looks, Helen claims that she doesn’t even have a beauty routine; but she gives the credit to an eyelash growth serum.

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