5 Christmas Markets That Have More Fun Than You Think

This Christmas will be quite different from any others in the past. If Christmas markets near you are canceled, take a look at these less-known but equally beautiful Christmas markets from last year to make up for your disappointment!

1. Dresden Striezelmarkt, Germany

Founded in 1434, Dresden Striezelmarkt is Germany’s oldest one-day market. The most distinctive features of the market are the 45-foot-tall Christmas pyramid and fruit cake wrapped with a special seal of the city’s famous former king August the Strong.

2. Helsinki Tuomaan Markkinat, Finland

Decorated in contemporary and traditional styles, Tuomaan Markkinat has literally everything: from Choirs singing Christmas carols, dog festival costume contest to the sauna in the middle of the market.

3. Prague Christmas Market, Czech

Prague Christmas Market is enveloped in the Old Town’s Gothic architecture and mulled wine stalls. Don’t miss out on the famous barbecued pork and trdelník with ice cream!

4. Vienna Weihnachtsmärkte, Austria

Vienna in winter is not only famous for its snow but its Christmas Market. Old-fashioned merry-go-round, Reindeer rides, and ice rink for skating; there’s nothing they can’t do!

5. Dubrovnik Winter Festival, Croatia

If you decided to stay in Dubrovnik for Christmas, you would feel back in medieval times. The flurry of fake snow and the Bell Tower and the Christmas Eve midnight mass at the Cathedral make quite a pageantry.

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