35 Rare Historical Photos To Reveal 80% Of The Lost Story

1. German women lined up for inspection during the WWII (1936)

2. Michael Jackson and Paul Mccartney cooking meals, and they seemed to be enjoying it (1982)

3. Robin Williams putting on high-heeled boots to perform with the Denver Broncos cheerleading squad (1980)

4. Ferdinand Porsche (founder of the Porsche) showing a model of the Volkswagen Beetle to Adolf Hitler (1935)

5. Nikola Tesla working in his laboratory with his “Magnifying Transmitter” (1899)

6. Barefoot Steve Jobs and Bill Gates discussing Apple and Microsoft in Jobs’ California home (1991)

7. A Sixties secretary with conical bra and cinched in waist. At the time, the secretarial occupation was the number one job for American women (1960s)

8. Officials in a pipe by the Hoover Dam, which was constructed during the Great Depression (1935)

9. A woman riding an early electric scooter (1916)

10. This is the way Parisians dealt with transportation during a flood (1924)

11. For the very first time, Harold Whittles was able to hear sound (1974)

12. Children learning to swim in a schoolyard instead of a swimming pool (1920s)

13. Marianne Faithfull enjoying her chat with Alain Delon and ignoring Mick Jagger (1960s)

14. Acrobats balance on top of the Empire State Building (1934)

15. President Abraham Lincoln visiting the famous site of Antietam, accompanied by Allan Pinkerton and John A. McClernand (1860s)

16. French women stripped down to their underwear or with heads shaven for having affairs with German soldiers (1944)

17. Einstein at Nassau Point, Long Island in New York (1939)

18. An adorable llama hanging out in a NYC car (1956)

19. A police officer judging an ankle competition in London (1930)

20. Fidel Castro and Ernesto “Che” Guevara fishing on a boat (1960)

21. Grand Central Station (1929)

22. Arnold Schwarzenegger first setting foot in New York City (1968)

23. Bread and soup during the Great Depression (1930s)

24. Two men testing bulletproof vests (1923)

25. The only man in the crowd refusing to do the Nazi Salute (1936)

26. Walt Disney and his characters (1950)

27. Race Organizers tried to stop Kathrine Switzer from competing in the Boston Marathon (1967)

28. Priscilla and Elvis boarding a private jet after their marriage (1967)  

29. The Statue of Liberty under construction in Paris (1884)

30. Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards at Jaggers’ 29th birthday party (1972)

31. Filming of the iconic subway scene in the Seven Year Itch (1954) 

32. The Rolling Stones taking a smoke break right before their TV debut (1963) 

33. Jack Nicholson while filming ‘The Shining’ (1980) 

34. Robert Williams Wood, Max Planck and Albert Einstein were sitting in the front row of a session of the physical society in Berlin (1931)  

35. Johnny Depp using an iron to make grilled cheese (1993)

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