32 Wedding Photos That Went Horribly Wrong

Every girl dreams of having a perfect wedding. However, sometimes things just don’t go as planned, and minor mishaps may happen. Here, let’s take a look at some of the most unexpected yet hilarious wedding fails!

1. The Riding Photobomber

The entire bridal party was ready for the perfect shot, but unluckily, this guy ruined it all.

2. Just Couldn’t Let Her Go

Sitting down on his owner’s wedding dress, this little puppy couldn’t bear to share her with another man. Though he can’t speak, he clearly understood.

3. The Centaur Bride?

This photo will make you do a double-take. The bride riding on the horse did look like she had horse legs. But hey, maybe, she just didn’t have time to shave.

4. Let Her In

As the saying goes, “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.” Turns out, this lady didn’t make the cut either. She had a hard time accepting that and decided to do something…

5. When The Wedding Car Broke Down…

Groom: I know I should have hired a limo.
Bride: I know I should have married a man who knows how to fix a car.

6. Planking Is Still A Thing

Fully aware of where the camera was facing, this pastor jumped onto the altar and tried to create the illusion that he was floating over the groom’s head.

7. The Most Magical Wedding Ever

The photographer thought it was cool to take some jumping wedding photos. Even he was surprised by the result.

8. Dropping The Groom

You might have seen so many wedding photos where the groomsmen are carrying the bride. Well, these bridesmaids decided to change the tradition by holding the groom. However, something went wrong there.

9. Dropping The Cake

This bride and groom were supposed to feed each other the first piece of cake, but whoops!

10. Giraffe Wants A Hat

Many couples choose to take pictures with animals on their wedding day. However, they never know what these creatures are going to do. For example, this giraffe just couldn’t stop grabbing the groom’s headpiece.

11. Yummy Flowers

This couple called in their beloved puppy to take pictures. However, they definitely didn’t expect this little guy would only want a snack.

12. The Tallest Bride Ever

This bride wanted to stand out among the bridesmaids, but she seemed to have gone a little too far.

13. What A Naughty Wind!

The wind totally gave the veil a life of its own. Look how amazed the bride was!

14. Child Grabs The Veil

Be careful when you take pictures with children on your wedding day, as they may cause all kinds of embarrassments like this one.

15. Wedding Dress Fails

This bride took the iconic “Marilyn Monroe moment” to a whole new level.

16. Where’s Waldo?

Still remember the popular puzzle game Where’s Waldo? Waldo does exist in real life! Just look at the guy behind the tree!

17. The Bouquet Accident

It’s great to take wedding photos with the bouquet, but you really should make sure that it doesn’t hit somebody else.

18. Rain On The Wedding Day, Good Luck Or Not?

In some cultures, rain on your wedding day means good luck. We bet this bride must think otherwise.

19. Double Watching

Besides acrobatic flips, this dolphin duo just learned another trick to steal our heart—peeking at newlyweds’ kissing. They successfully outshone the couple in this photo.

20. The Weird Friend

One of the bride’s best friends thought it would be fun to play a prank on the bride. Apparently.  the groom was not happy with that.

21. The Second Before The Little Disaster

The wedding photographer managed to capture the moment right before the bride got drenched. Cheers!

22. Sleeping “Beauty”?

This groom fell asleep at the wedding! Well, it’s your big day! Party hard, and take a little nap. Who would blame you?

23. Plot Twist

The goom took the opportunity of the wedding day to marry his best man! Maybe, he had drunk too much. The two groomsmen on the right were too busy watching the groom’s weird behavior to catch the bride as she tumbled backward.

24. The Man Falling Into The Water

“Hi, man, are you doing all this just to steal the show? Congratulations, you did it!”

25. Double Fails

This is perhaps the worst fail ever caught on the wedding day. Not only did he kick the bridesmaid, he also tore his pants.

26. Two Brides?

Two brides will marry one groom? No, no, no. Take a closer look! It’s actually the bride and her now mother-in-law.

27. “HELP”

Sorry, buddy, it’s too late!

28. What A Catch!

This groomsman went all out to catch the cake.

29. Horse Photobomb

The horse tried his best to blend in.

30. An Unexpected “Peeper”

“Hey, boy, it’s too early for you to learn about the bird and the bees!”

31. The Unwelcome Guest

Could this be the kiss of death?

32. Timely Stroll

The wedding photographer had all the elements of a stunning photo, until a woman and her baby got in the way. Well, she seemed to have realized her mistake and was trying her best to get out of the shot.

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