30 Dogs Who Made Poor Life Choices That Crack You Up

1. “I’m not ready, not ready! Nooooooo!”

2. “Hell, this must be the smell of death.”

3. That face says it all.

4. “I’m not stuck. I’m just chillin. Just keep walking.”

5. “Come and get me! Come on!”

    “Comin…Nooooooo! Why is always me?!”

7. “I think I made a huge mistake.”

    “You think?”

8. “I’m YOUR dog, my friend. Are you going to help or not?”

9. “Oh, this is going to be fun. I can’t wait to star…. OMG! HEEELLLLLLLLPPP!”

10. “I got rainbow on me! Yaaay!”

11. “The cat told me that this was a hot tub! He is gonna get some when I get out of this thing.”

13. “Jeeeez!! It’s alive!”

15. “Who turned out the lights?”

16. “Bees taste nothing like honey. They’re just mean.”

17. “I’m exhausted. I’ll take a nap and continue tomorrow.”

18. “My eyes! My eyes! I can’t see!”

19. “Would you please stop laughing and help me out?”

20. “Why? God! Why?!”

21. “I’m not fat. I’m just fluffy.”

22. “You may not believe this. But the fact is that the pillow picked on me first.”

23. “SOS. The sofa is eating me alive!”

24. “Look, mommy, I made a seal that you’ll love.”

25. “Oops, got busted, and…stuck.”

26. “Yikes…I can use a little help here.”

27. “I’m happy. I really am.”

28. “You stupid tree.”

29. Think before you leap. Literally true in the dog world.

30. “The closet is full of danger, I’m telling ya.”

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