29 Hilariously Uplifting Photos of Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton may be one of the most beloved celebrities not only in Britain but around the world. Although she is usually portrayed glamorously in magazines, most of the time she needs to let her hair down and have fun. With this in mind, we’ve compiled an array of unconventional and uplifting pictures of this British princess.

1. As an enthusiastic athlete, Kate played tennis regularly when she was at school. But whether or not she’s overdressed here for volleyball is another matter.

2. Kate seems to be enjoying some quality bonding time with her utterly adorable little George. In this moment, Kate is a mother, not a princess.

3. Disgust, boredom, laughter, shock, Kate is a princess with real emotions.

4. Kate is neither a boring princess nor a submissive wife. Oppositely, she’s quite sassy, confident, and self-empowered and often painting the town red in London.

5. Her Royal Majesty is rarely seen laughing. But Kate managed to make the Queen have a blast as 35,000 fans cheered on the royal family in Nottingham, England.

6. Kate has a great sense of humor. Say Cheese!

7. Kate has reportedly undertaken cookery classes taught by the famous British chef Rachel Khoo, and this Scottish pancake cooked by Kate undoubtedly tastes delicious.

8. Cutting back on the drinking and dancing, Kate looked blissfully content with her adorable family on a visit to Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

9. St. Andrews University has a 600-year old tradition called “Raisin Monday” where fellow freshers are encouraged to pit against one another as they pelt each other with foam. And Kate appeared in no hurry to take part in the event when she first enrolled as a teenager.

10. Kate regularly attends the matches of rugby with her husband who is actually a huge fan of the Welsh rugby team. C’mon Wales!

11. When Kate, William, and Harry visited the athletes village for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Kate was asked to bowl over three tins before stacking them up again before atempting to jump over them three times. Apparently, Kate was up to the task.

12. During the Royal couple’s Diamond Jubilee tour in 2012, Kate and Will visited the remote Solomon Islands where natives aren’t exactly in tune with the modernist way of living in the western world. However, Kate decided to swap royalty for life in the wilderness. With looks like this, she’ll surely reign supreme in the eyes of the natives.

13. On a three-day tour of America, this royal couple watched their first ever NBA game in New York. But judging by their muddled facial expressions, they seemed to know little about the sport.

14. Cooking bread on a campfire doesn’t sound like the life of Kate, who is accustomed to a glamorous lifestyle of a princess. But the Duchesse greatly enjoyed her time as a volunteer for the Scout Association.

15. Back in 2008 when the tag of princess was nothing but a mere possibility in the distant future, Kate was quite at ease with her life and often skated the night away at a South London nightclub.

16. In this picture, Kate shows off her natural beauty coupled with her elegance and sleek outfit.

17. During a tour of South East Asia on behalf of the Queen to mark her diamond jubilee, Kate wore a cream-colored headscarf, looking gorgeous even by Islamic standards.

18. We all have those days when our hair just won’t stay in one place, and Kate included. In this image, the brutal forces of nature make even the most well-groomed royal styles look silly.

19. Gone with the wind…

20. Drunken pictures like this are rarely associated with a royal. Yet this pair weren’t shy to have a good night out before they had children. After all, they’re only human.

21. When Kate was in the crowd watching the Olympics, she really pulled on our heartstrings.

22. This boy photographed the moment his brother went in for a high-five with the princess in Christchurch, New Zealand.

23. When sat in the royal box at Wimbledon, Kate pulled such a face which only the Princess could get away with.

24. “Don’t make me laugh, Will.”

25. “This tennis is awful. Can we go home now?”

26. All Good!

27. “I’m a beautiful princess and I know it.”

28. Princess fever

29. Kate likes a juicy bit of gossip just like the rest of us.

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