29 Adorable Dogs with Unique Coats!

1. Little Husky

Yeah, I’m a blue-eyed, white-furred guy. Stop looking at me!

2. Racoon Pomeranian

I love my permanent socks!

3. Cute Frenchie

Maybe I’m a relative of panda.

4. Beagle

I just pick a bit of every coat color possible from my family.

5. Gorgeous Puppy Coat

With such beautiful puppy coat, this dog looks magnificent, yeah!

6. Little Great Dane

You are in my heart.

7. The Boston Terrier

I’m not happy with the freckles on my face.

8. Husky Mixed

What a good-looking boy!

9. Groucho Marx

Right, I’m the dog-versioned Groucho Marx.

10. Husky Puppy

Are these glasses on your face?

11. Little Pup

Call me sweetheart and I won’t refuse it.

12. Fluffy Corgi

Let me think…What should I eat for dinner?

13. Panda German Shepherds

The piebald mutation caused his discoloration, which can also be found in other species, while the variation is rarely seen.

14. Marking Mishap

I want that thing off my back!

15. Stash that – Stache

I feel pretty cool with a perfectly curved mustache! 

16. Dachshund Pup

Am I adorable with these dapples?

17. I Heart You

If only this little lad had been born in time, he would have been the star of 101 Dalmatians! “I heart you!”

18. That Mask

Watch out! Here comes the masked bandit.

19. Rottweiler

The unusual coat of the Rottweiler may be caused by vitiligo, which can lead to the depigmentation.

20. The Australian Cattle Dog

As a stray, he was found in Baton Rouge and a person who loves him adopted him finally.

21. Akita

This Akita puppy looks very sweet, with his permanent socks, it seems more charming.

22. The Mudis

The cute puppies are called Mudis, which is a particular rare Hungarian breed. Do you want to have one of these?

23. Chummy Chimera

The Labrador Retriever is showing signs of the somatic mutation, which makes him label with the “Chimera”.

24. Mixed Labrador

Who spilled the ink on my coat? It’s so annoying.

25. His Creative Nose

Does he know how perfect his nose is? With his heart-like nose, he attracts most people’s attention and melts their heart. It looks like that he has tons of love to give.

26. Half Mask

This little guy has a beautiful black markings to her face.

27. Two cute pandas

They looked like pandas when they are born to the world, which created a worldwide sensation.

28. The English Cocker Spaniel

This puppy dog named Zuma was born with beautiful eyes and a firm-colored coat. Unfortunately, the cost to got these advantages is that he will be deaf in his whole life.

29. The Bernese Mountain Dog

Having such a fabulous coat is awesome. With the real character of loyalty and friendliness, the Bernese Mountain dog will be one of the most special dogs you’ve ever seen.

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