28 Award-winning Drone Photos That’ll Make You Believe In Fairytales Again

Drone photography improves overall photography by capturing fascinating landscapes from the perspective that humans cannot reach. Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in these beguiling photos! Some of them even won awards!

1. A Fish Shaped Island, Croatia

The Adriatic Sea is the perfect place for a big fish to live. 

2. Country Of Colors, Netherlands

Holland in spring is like a painter’s palette, filled with the rich odor of flowers. 

3. Solo Trip In The Desert, United Arab Emirates

Loneliness is all yours, so does the beauty of the desert. 

4. Fall Into Colors, East Coast, USA

Alice, will you willingly fall into a rabbit hole decorated with the sense of autumn?

5. Winter Forest, Place Unknown

Is this the place where Lucy Pevensie first met Mr. Tumnus the Faun in Narnia?

6. Just Room Enough Island, Hub Island

Would you like to be accompanied merely by trees and the ocean?

7. The Redeeming Christ, Brazil

There will always be someone to guide and guard you. 

8. Eagle In The Sky, Indonesia

Don’t be scared. The eagle is just looking at you, that’s all.

9. Star Shaped Place, Holland

Wanna see stars in the daylight? Take a look at this place!

10. Water Lilies Harvest, Vietnam

Will Monet be inspired by this scene?

11. A White Christmas, New York City

May your days be filled with mulled wine, and may all your Christmases be white.

12. Always On The Road, Place Unknown 

I wanna ride till I can no more.

13. Trip To Transylvania, Romania

Take this infinite road to Transylvania, and you will meet Count Dracula.

14. Candles On River, Vietnam

Candle will take your wish to the place where it can be fulfilled.

15. Harmony, Place Unknown 

We both know each other’s existence but make no further attempts.

16. Laguna De Cotacotani, Chile

Would you dare challenge one of the highest lakes in the world?

17. 3 Volcanoes, Réunion Island

Will these red flames eventually engulf all living things?

18. Frozen Rivers, Iceland

When rivers freeze, we see something entirely different but equally enchanting.

19. Polar Bear Crossing The Ice, Arctic Ice Caps

Will there ever be any shelters for them?

20. Surrounded By Birds, Vietnam 

Will you be frightened by the forces of nature and surrender in the end?

21. Rocky Coast, Réunion Island

Mother nature is full of perfect combinations of softness and hardness. 

22. Salt Field, Vietnam

Salt piles on the water, just like volcanoes on land. 

23. Will these red flames eventually engulf all living things?Reynisdrangar Sea Stacks, Iceland

Enjoy the non-tropical beach, and listen to the tale of Reynisdrangar trolls. Do be careful not to approach the sea. Otherwise, you may be taken by the trolls.   

24. Black Sand Beach, Reynisfjara

With a little burst of light, the black sand can shine out the brightness.

25. Blessed By Heaven, Romania

Heaven has lifted its curtain, so live like golden. 

26. Sheep Herding, Unknown Place

You never know why these sheep are so tamed. 

27. Tea Harvest, Vietnam

“There’s no real expression for comprehension except, ‘Would you like a cup of tea?'”

28. Cat Island, Dreamland

We all need a bit wishful thinking, don’t we? What about a cat island?

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