27 Incredibly Rare Photos From History

If you think you know world history, get ready to be humbled. Here are 27 historical photographs that capture some of the rarest moments in history, and you have probably never seen them in any school textbook.

1. In 1956, Marilyn Monroe met Queen Elizabeth.Both of them were 30 at that time.

2. Iron Man – Robert Downey and his dad’s friend Iron Mike Tyson.

3. In 1955, President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky at the White House.

4. In 1963, Arnold Schwarzenegger was 16.

5. Two German soldiers and their horse wearing gas masks in 1916.

6. On June 17, 1991, Mt. Pinatubo volcano in the Philippines erupted, which was the 20th century’s second largest volcanic eruption. A pickup truck was fleeing.

7. President George H.W. Bush. Nice!

8. At Bikini Toll, testing hydrogen bombs.

9. Hitler was trying to comfort a soldier.

10. In 1980, Atari was hosting the National Space Invaders Championship.

11. Before World War II, class divide in Great Britain.

12. Gas Masks.

13. Elvis Presley.

14. James Bond actor Sean Connery

15. Dick Winters and Easy Company were at Hitler’s residence.

16. Joseph and Magda Goebbels were on their wedding day. Adolf Hitler was his best man.

17. The way Albert Einstein last left his office at Princeton, before he died in 1955.

18. Walter Yeo. He was the first person receiving plastic surgery performed in 1917.

19. Jimmie Nicol.

20. Hitler’s statue head was carried by a Soviet soldier in 1945.

21. After the IRA detonated a bomb on April 24, 1993, Wormwood Street.

22. Bill Clinton and model Elizabeth Hurley.

23. Louis Armstrong and his wife.

24. Young Robin Williams.

25. In 1994, Bill Gates was holding a CD-ROM.

26. In Berlin, US tanks meeting Soviet Union tanks at Checkpoint Charlie.

27. In 1894, Mark Twain was in Nikola Tesla’s lab.

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