26 Times “Lady Bird” Saoirse Ronan Stunned The Red Carpet With Perfect Styles

When you are watching the movie Lady Bird, you surely must be loving that unique and strong-willed Lady Bird. She is a girl of character, and she is also like most of us when we were teenage girls.

It’s star, Saoirse Ronan — the steely-eyed 23-year-old Oscar nominee — deserves our recognition again. She’s an inspiring actress and has rightly received countless nominations for her outstanding performances, which in turn makes her a fixture at all the notable parties and ceremonies in the business. As for her red carpet styles, we believe they are successful and deserve recognition as well. Let’s view the gallery to discover her style evolution!

1. February 2008, The Oscars

2. February 2009, The Irish Film and TV Awards

3. November 2009, The U.K. Premiere of The Lovely Bones

4. December 2009, The New York Premiere of The Lovely Bones

5. December 2009, The Australian Premiere of The Lovely Bones

6. January 2010, The Critic’s Choice Awards, where Saoirse won Best Young Actor for her part in The Lovely Bones

7. February 2010, The Irish Film and Television Awards

8. February 2010, The British Academy of Film and Television Awards

9. December 2010, The Premiere For The Way Back

10. February 2011, Another trip to the Irish Film and Television Awards

11. April 2011, The Premiere of Hanna

12. May 2011, The Met Ball, the year it was McQueen-themed

13. September 2011, Photo call for Violet & Daisy

14. November 2012, The Breaking Dawn Premiere

15. February 2013, The BAFTAs

16. March 2013, The Premiere of The Host

17. March 2013, Another Screening of The Host

18. October 2015, The 18th Annual Savannah Film Festival

19. October 2015, Premiere of Brooklyn in Los Angeles

20. January 2016, Golden Globes

21. January 2016, New York Film Critics Awards

22. January 2016, Palm Springs Film Awards

23. February 2016, The 88th Oscars

24. January 2017, Palm Springs Film Awards

25. November 2017, Gotham Awards

26. January 2018, The Golden Globe Awards

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