25 Constructions Fails You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

Sometimes it seems our build trust have been misguided. Here we have collected 25 construction fails, and these civil engineers and architects clearly lost their common sense.

1. The first three sinks are used for washing your hands while the last two are for the shame.

2. The great random balcony on wall design.

3. Yup, this looks quite safe now.

4. Stairs at the top of a ramp? Totally makes sense.

5. What a view.

6. A stair goes nowhere.

7. Seems to forget what that symbol means.

8. Who else needs a stair when you could just fall?

9. Another proof that high schools are from hell.

10. Duck!

11. Making me wonder what does the room inside look like?

12. This only way out of the room seems a little tricky to use…

13. Oh man, this is not what a half-bath is.

14. An ATM for giants.

15. And to be fair, an ATM for hobbits.

16. Where are the kids supposed to go?

17. I hope they drive a motorcycle. Or just walk.

18. Let’s pray there will be no fire in this place.

19. How can I get out of here?

20. It is close enough.

21. Need to jump to reach the door when coming back from work. Another challenge.

22. Sky view fails.

23. The landscaping is through the roof.

24. Thank goodness for that handrail. It helps a lot.

25. This is spiralling out of control.

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