25 Animals Taking A Break Because Being An Animal Is Hard

There is no doubt we’ve been away with our natural sleep rhythm as we prioritize both work and play in its place. We spent days and hours with screens rather that taking a much-needed sunshine outdoors. It is high time we take a cue from this cute collection of animals following their natural instincts. Here we have selected 25 adorable sleeping animals who will inspire a perfect night sleep the next time you have sleeping problems.

1. This big boy just had a very big day.

2. Being born is really hard work.

3. Dreaming of high fives.

4. This little hamster is having big dreams.

5. Having been a rough day.

6. No more playing today.

7. In a cozy position.

8. Need a blanket.

9. Always forward.

10. A recipe for barbecue.

11. A very sleepy muse.

12. Too tired to finish eating.

13. Just rotate the room 90 degrees

14. Nailed it.

15. They would never find me sleeping here.

16. Just carry me wherever you go.

17. Sporting is hard.

18. City life is exhausting.

19. Squirrel drink.

20. If I fit.

21. It seems they were made for each other.

22. A melting sleeper.

23. A sleeping rabbit.

24. A T-shirt design.

25. A fluffy ball.

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