24 Hilarious Coincidences You’ll Have To See To Believe

These 24 photos of hilarious coincidences were just captured at the right time in the right place. From a father’s head that looks exactly like a chocolate marshmallow, to a news anchor talking about a suspect that looks exactly like him, you’ll have to see it to believe it.

1. Reflecting Art

Believe it or not, we all have an eye for art. All of us can see the beauty in creative works from around the world. It’s amazing what artists can create with just a bit of paint. However, we bet this man never expected that someday he would see himself in this portrait!

2. Is That Jesus’ Dog?!

It looks like the dog is walking on water! What other magic does this dog know? Can it split the water like Moses? We bet it would win the first place!

3. Chocolate Man

There is nothing more boring than a PTA, but as a parent, you know it’s your duty to go and put on a smile. Luckily, amid the boredom, there can be amusement, too. Check out this man’s head! Doesn’t it look like a chocolate-covered marshmallow?

4. Is That Gandalf?

Is the man in grey Gandalf? Wait, is there another Gandalf? What is going on here? It must be a dream, or our eyes need checking!

5. Too Many Copies?

It’s freaky to run into twins, but can you imagine seeing two pairs with the same facial expression right next to each other? You would probably react like the twins on the left. What makes it even more freaky is that they wear the same clothes, the same hairstyle, the same glasses, and the same color (same-colored) bags. It’s really a chance in a million, isn’t it?

6. What Babies Really Need

Did we finally lower the drinking age? When did this happen? Maybe the babies have taken a stand. Well, this supermarket seems to have moved far ahead of our time.

7. Double Life?

Remember the hilarious spiderman meme where spiderman sees a copy of himself and points frantically at himself? This news anchor will certainly be doing the same if he comes upon this bad guy. But perhaps, he lives a double life. Who knows?

8. Those Probably Belong To The Singer

Were the two trucks trying to tell us that they belong to the world-famous singer, Taylor Swift? LOL! After a good laugh, let’s talk about something serious. Taylor is actually a business that sells ice cream, soft serve, and griddles, while Swift is a company dedicated to transportation.

9. Where’s The Cat?

This family must have loved their pet so much that they had a portrait of him framed. Well, the cat seems to adore the picture, as he is hiding behind it. It’s almost a bit surreal, but clearly, funny. We wonder if the cat is even in that position behind the photo.

10. Nothing Is Written In… ?

“Nothing is written in stone” was actually carved into that stone. The idiom originally meant that nothing is absolute and unchangeable. It seems like the person who made this plaque was really into irony or philosophy.

11. The Best Use Of Puns

We love it when people joke around with puns or homonyms, but this is a whole new level of cleverness. “The Proper Tea Shop” is right next to the “The Property Shop.” Though the two names are spelled differently, they sound almost the same. We bet some mailmen may have gotten confused sometimes.

12. Don’t Go There

Diabetes is one of the most deadly diseases in America. Why it has become such a problem is partly due to our culture of fast food, which includes restaurants like McDonald’s. They really shouldn’t have placed those two ads together.

13. A Very Courageous Crow

This eagle must be daydreaming when this annoying little crow comes poking at him. Perhaps the crow wants to hatch a ride somewhere. It sounds funny, but it actually happens. Just google crows riding on eagles, and you’ll know.

14. Goodwill Huntington? Where’s This?

Maybe Matt Damon and Ben Affleck lived near these two stores when they were writing the script for the famous movie, Good Will Hunting. Well, no one would have noticed anything weird until the film came out. Still, it’s funny to see this stuff.

15. Gene Simmons’s Ice Cream

In this Spanish class, as the kids were learning about food items, the teacher attached small pictures of food items onto their chairs. This boy probably had no idea that his ice cream would be devoured by none other than Kiss’ Gene Simmons! Look at that huge tongue! The ice cream stood no chance.

16. I’m Fed Up With You!

Here, the horse seems to have been fed up with being constantly smacked to run faster and decides that enough is enough. When you go horseriding, it’s important to respect your horse.

17. Smile To The End

The funniest thing about this photo is that this guy is still smiling. We bet a couple of milliseconds later, his looks would change completely!

18. Flying Cat

This photo couldn’t have been timed better! It seems like the cat would do anything to catch that ball. We just hope nobody entered the room at that time, or the cat would have ended up badly.

19. Hiding In Plain Sight

What will you do if you find the leaves of a tree are exactly the same as the patterns on your dress? You will try to blend in, of course!

20. This Dog Is Trapped In A Bubble

21. He Fits Right In

22. A Horse-Head Man

23. Involved Or UNinvolved?

24. A Coincidence Or Not A Coincidence?

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