21 Cats Who Definitely Regret Their Decisions

Cats always do whatever they prefer, so you will never know what they are going to do next. Here we have 21 cats regret their decisions, and someone was there to snap a photo of it thankfully!

1. OMG! This hat is TOO big for me!

2. What’s this monster?

3. Why are people laughing at me?

4. Could somebody help me?

5. Uncomfortable cradle!

6. Yeah, I can make it! I can make it!

7. Hey! I’m stuck!

8. Oh, no! My face!

9. Curiosity killed me!

10. Fine, I surrender!

11. Almost there!

12. Oh, man! I hate water!

13. I’m a cute kitten! Could you please get me out?

14. What the hell is this??!!

15. My new cool belt!

16. Another poor cat gets stuck!

17. I only want to go out!

18. I’m angry! Let me out!

19. I’m too weak! I need food!

20. Ah, it’s a warm place for me!

21. Finally, I become a handsome and thin cat!

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