20 Vintage Photos Of Prince Charles And Diana’s Wedding You’ve Never Seen

As the longest-serving heir, Prince Charles’ way to the throne has been uneasy:his already low popularity plunged after Prince Harry’s criticism on the Oprah Show. But 40 years ago, his wedding to Diana had boosted the royal family’s support rate. These 20 rare wedding photos will transport you to see the promising Prince and his first wife.

1. The Engaged Lovers

Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer declared their engagement outside Buckingham Palace in 1981. The royal fiancée wore the 12-carat sapphire engagement ring for the first time. Now it has been passed down to Princess Kate.

2. The Queen Said Yes

Prince Charles and Lady Diana received Queen Elizabeth II’s assent to their wedding, and they took a photo to commemorate the occasion.

3. Here The Future King Comes

The future King waved to his people on his way to St. Paul’s Cathedral. Royal fans camped along the procession route from midnight to wait for royal carriages to pass by.

4. A Glimpse Of The Bride

Princess Diana gave a wave from under her veil. It must have been a struggle to squeeze all that taffeta into the carriage. Anyway, we would all see her mysterious gown when she got off the carriage.

5. The Princess-Size Train

Finally, Lady Diana revealed her unexposed outfit at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Her 25-foot-long train and veil are more than magnificent.

6. Walking With Her Father

Diana clung to her father’s arm and headed to the altar. Look closely at the Spencer family tiara, an 18th century-era heirloom worn as “something old.”

7. The Most Difficult Curtsy

It’s necessary to give a curtsy to your mother-in-law, when she is also a Queen. However, it was not easy for a royal bride with 10,000 pearls on her dress and an overflowing bouquet in her hand.

8. Vows And Rings

Prince Charles put the wedding band on Diana’s finger. Yet Diana misread his name Charles Philip Arthur George as Philip Charles Arthur George. After all, it’s kind of a mouthful.

9. Sweet Whispers

Though on a public occasion, the new couple still kept some private talk for each other. Maybe the Prince of Wales was saying, “How about having a glass of champagne after it?”

10. The New Couple

The newly-wed couple posed to take photos in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral and then set out to Buckingham Palace. 

11. Off To Buckingham Palace

The Prince and Princess of Wales made their way to Buckingham Palace along Fleet Street. More than 60,000 well-wishers lined up to see them along the road.

12. A Party To Begin

They arrived at a private gate of Buckingham Palace for their wedding reception.

13. A Shared Laugh

The Queen and the new Princess shared a laugh, but Diana appeared a bit shy.

14. A Royal PDA

The Princess leaned on her husband’s shoulder and gave him a bashful smile. Well, you’ll know why after seeing the next photo.

15. The Iconic Balcony Kiss

They kissed on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with their royal relatives around. It’s funny that most people were looking away at the time.

16. Her Bridesmaids

During the ceremony, Diana invited five maids to help her with her splendid bouquet, long train, and veil.

17. The Royalty Gathering

After the wedding party, the big royal family took a picture together. To the new couple’s delight, the exhausting day was about to end.

18. Ready For Their Honeymoon 

The “Fairytale Wedding” ended, but their love life had just begun. The pair were allowed to spare a few days from royal duties to enjoy their honeymoon.

19. Honeymoon At Sea

After staying in Broadlands for the first three nights, they sailed through Gibraltar and then traveled around the Mediterranean on a royal yacht.

20. The End Of The Vacation

They closed out their trip in Balmoral, the Queen’s estate in Scotland, and invited photographers to record some peaceful moments.

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