20 Top-secret Photos That Are Finally Released By The Government

Because of various limitations, some classified photos of notorious and iconic events were not made available to the public until being released by the government recently. Here are 20 pictures of those most unlikely events, and some of them might leave you with more questions than answers.

1. Is It A Real UFO?

The UFO images were the first to be viewed by the public as soon as the CIA declassified them. However, none of them came with an explanation of what they actually are, so nobody knows if this is a real UFO or not.

2. Giant Telescope In China

This giant installation with a peculiar look is actually the world’s biggest telescope, and it was built in China. It’s so powerful that it can detect all kinds of radio signals, and even those that are thousands of light-years away.

3. Top-secret Facility

This picture is not top-secret any longer, but the facility in it undoubtedly is. The Cheyenne Mountain Complex is one of the most significant secret facilities on American soil. Thanks to its highly-classified nature, only officials with the highest security clearance are allowed to enter it.

4. 9/11 Destruction

From this image, it can be clearly seen how much damage was caused to the Pentagon on 9/11. Before the attack, the building looked nothing like this. Before this photo was released, the American public had no idea of the actual damage caused.

5. Family Portrait On The Moon

Charlie Duke was one of the astronauts who landed on the moon. In order to prove that he did walk on the moon, he left a photo of him and his family on the ground. To this day, nobody knows if the picture is still there.

6. Fully-clothed Men In The Pool

You rarely see fully-clothed people in a pool, right? In fact, this picture recorded a part of the astronauts’ daily training, for they need to know how to land in the water when returning to the earth.

7. Bunker In North Dakota

This bunker in North Dakota is used to measure seismic waves as well as the weather. Even though it looks very freaky, it’s nothing but a weather station of sorts. It’s been said that this bunker was once used as a national missile defense system too.

8. Mount Rushmore

This old picture depicts the first draft of Mount Rushmore. It included the presidents’ torsos rather than just their heads and shoulders that you see there today. Perhaps they thought that it would be too much work to include their half-bodies, so decided on just the shoulders.

9. Sneaky Bunker Or Not?

This structure, which looks like a bunker, was somewhere in a forest in Virginia. It seems like someone wanted to keep whoever or whatever inside remaining hidden and secret. There’s no denying that it’s pretty sneaky looking.

10. Top-secret Nuclear Bomb

This was the first nuclear bomb in the US, known as The Trinity Project, and it took place in a New Mexico desert in 1945. At that time, the American public had no idea what was being built.

11. First-ever Nuclear Explosion

A nuclear weapon has to be tested before being used in battle. This image depicted the first-ever test of a thermonuclear weapon being detonated. It happened on November 1st, 1952, but where it took place exactly is still a secret.

12. Secret Tunnels Underground

A number of bases were built all over the country during the Cold War. Built in underground tunnels, they were known as strategic strike locations. As stated by the government, all of them are no longer in operation today. Well, who knows?

13. Nuclear Waste

The place behind this strange-looking door is where the US holds its nuclear waste. Due to its high toxicity levels, it has to be kept in an isolated area that’s not inhabited. This door seems strong enough to hold it all.

14. Area 51 Plane

The reason UFO rumors surfaced was said to be the design of the SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance airplane, which looked so futuristic that the people thought what the government was covering up was, in fact, a UFO.

15. German High-speed Train

This photo was of Schienenzeppelin, the first high-speed train in Germany, which was quite an invention at that time. According to Germans, it could travel up to 143 miles per hour. However, it’s not certain if it was used for the public or for secret missions.

16. UFO Crash Site

This picture showed some unidentified object crashed near Roswell and all that was left was unrecognizable debris. The fact that all documents regarding this image were heavily redacted also points to that it could be a UFO crash site.

17. Lunch Time In Character

Back in the day, the actors that played the role of a Disney character would interact with the public in their costumes in Disneyland. This snapshot showed Snow White, Goofy, and other characters getting their lunch in a cafeteria.

18. Hanging Out With Your Baby

This crazy invention of the 1920s was named the Portable Baby Cage. People used to feel it was difficult raising kids if you lived in a tall apartment building. Therefore, it was a way to keep the babies entertained and allow them to get fresh air. Fortunately, this dangerous installation was scrapped.

19. First Slide Design

It can be seen from this picture that the first slide was made of wood. It was also very long and without side rails. Luckily, the designers didn’t stop there and finally came up with a design that works much better and is much safer.

20. New Meaning To ‘Heavy Duty’

This photo depicts that the first deep-dive suit was made out of metal. It was initially top-secret so that other countries could not steal the design and make their own. Lucky for the divers, scuba gear these days is much lighter and more comfortable than before.

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