20 Tips To Make Flights More Comfortable

Do you often fly long distances or spend a lot of time on the plane flying? Flying, especially long-haul, can be quite uncomfortable. However, there are smart ways that will make them less miserable. Read on to find out!

1. Dress Properly

It’s crucial to pick a proper outfit for a flight, even though it may not seem so. Instead of jeans and many other tailored clothes, you may want to put on stretchy pants and cozy jumpers to avoid the constrictive feeling. Clothes are essential for a comfortable flight, so make sure you get the right ones!

2. All About Layers

Apart from having comfy clothes on, you may also want to layer them up. It’s always a mix of freezing and boiling environment within the plane. Thus, having more layers instead of just one thicker layer can save you some trouble of balancing out the temperature. 

3. Put On Right Shoes

For an appropriate outfit, shoes can’t be neglected. Since you probably need to rush to the gate or take them off for security checks, heels or chunky boots may not be the best choice. Lightness and breathability in shoes should be your first consideration. 

4. Pack Extra Socks

Extra socks are flying essentials a lot of people don’t think of much. They are the simplest way to freshen up when you get sweaty after a few hours, and socks you have been wearing are stuffy, just like you’ve worn them for days. 

5. Bring A Travel Kit

Packing things you probably need to use on the plane will make the flight much more comfortable. It’s useful to pack a travel kit with small essentials like deodorant, hairbrush, earplugs, travel-size perfume, sleeping mask, etc. 

6. Don’t Forget Snacks

There is never enough food on the plane whatsoever. Your flying will be a lot more delightful when you pack some snacks before boarding. If it’s possible, try to get some healthy ones like nuts and energy bars, which will provide you enough nutrition without taking much space. 

7. Cash Can Be Helpful

Although using apps and credit cards to pay is quick and easy, you may want to have some cash on you just in case. There are always certain occasions that you need to use cash, such as to tip valets and other services, after your arrival at the destination. 

8. Morning Flights Without Turbulence

To avoid possible motion sickness, it’s a better choice to book morning flights with less turbulence. Apart from terrible weather, normal air turbulence is caused by heat, which causes the air to rise. Fly before the earth gets any hotter!

9. Get There Early

You may know to get to the airport early, but how early it should be varied. Some people believe that 3 hours before boarding is a sensible decision, while others say even more. In short, you can avoid unforeseen incidents, full parking areas, or long security lines by arriving early. 

10. Use Lounges

Many people have started using lounges at the airport, especially frequent travelers. Some even use their American Express Platinum card for the advantage since there are quite a few airports where you can get free entry as a cardholder. Apparently, that lounge is worth it.

11. Early Check-in 

Stress can be another factor that stops you from having a comfortable flying experience. You will feel a lot easier when you check in early, which also helps to avoid waiting in the queue. Don’t forget that you can use airline apps for quick check-in too!

12. Pick The Seats At The Back 

The very simple reason that we recommend you to pick seats at the back is that you might get better service from the cabin crew. If you can stand a tiny bit of noise while attendants are working, you may get more things since they can’t walk around with any special snacks, etc. 

13. Avoid Fizzy Drinks 

If you fly for long hours, you should avoid having coke or sodas. Basically, having carbonated beverages means taking in more air, which may eventually come out by farting or burping, but can also cause you pain as the flying altitude changes.

14. Stay Awake During Takeoff Or Landing 

It is not a good idea to fall asleep as soon as you get on the plane. As the plane goes up or down during takeoff and landing, your ears can’t regulate the changing pressure, which may cause injury. You can take some measures to avoid it, such as chewing gum or some antihistamine if needed. 

15. Keep Hydrated

You will get dehydrated in a plane very soon since the air-conditioned and dry environment accelerates evaporation. Make sure you have some water every hour and try to avoid things that will dehydrate you more, including alcohol, coffee, and sugar. 

16. Don’t Use Plane Blankets

Usually, you’ll be offered plane blankets and pillows for long-haul flights, yet you might want to think about leaving them if you care about hygiene. The fact is that they don’t get washed often after being used by numerous people. Bring your own one instead!

17. Jog Away The Jet Lag

Do you know that you can get rid of jet lag by jogging? It’s annoying to suffer jet lag when you travel to another time zone. Try jogging on the first morning of your visit next time, especially when it’s a sunny day, and you’ll find it helpful for your body to adjust to the new schedule. 

18. Stretch When You Can 

Long-haul flying means sitting for a long time, which will hurt your spine eventually. That’s why it’s so important to get up and stretch from time to time during the flight and warm up your limbs after arrival. 

19. Bring Movies

You may pick something from the device aboard, but why not download things you’d like to watch and bring them on the plane? During a Long-haul flight is the perfect time to watch movies and TV series you usually don’t have the time for. 

20. Be Friendly To The Staff

Well, you should always be polite to flight attendants or anyone in the service industry no matter what. Even though you may not get any special treatment, being friendly to the staff will at least make sure you have a good time on the plane. 

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