20 Reasons Why We Need Aluminum Foil In Our Daily Life

1. Make A Funnel

When you want to pour some liquid in a water bottle with a narrow neck, you can make a funnel with some aluminum foil to make things less messy.

2. Remove Static From Your Clothes

Aluminum foil can also help remove static from your clothes. Scrunch up a few sheets of aluminum foil tightly into a ball, and toss a few balls into the washing machine when you do the laundry. You’ll find your clothes fresh and static-free.

3. Curl Your Hair

When using curling irons to achieve those gorgeous locks, you can wrap your hair in a layer of aluminum foil before putting using the iron in order to protect your hair from heat damage.

4. Make Your Own Cookie Cutters

You make your own custom shaped cookie cutters using aluminum foil and make cute cookies for any occasion.

5. Use Aluminum Foil As A Touchscreen Pen

Did you know that touch screens react to aluminum foil? That means all you need to do is wrap some aluminum foil onto the tip of any pen in order to make it a touchscreen pen! If you want to try some drawing or art on your iPad or tablet, do it with this creative pen.

6. Remove Rust From Chrome Surfaces

Aluminum foil can help rusty chrome surfaces. Whatever the surface, railings, laundry, kitchen sinks, or even your old rusty bike, aluminum foil can buff them all to shining perfection. For easy rust removal, don’t forget to first spray some cola onto the rusty surfaces.

7. Seal Plastic Bags

There is no need to buy a plastic bag sealer when you have an aluminum foil to hand. Layer the top of the plastic bag you need to seal with a long strip of aluminum foil and iron it. The aluminum foil will transfer the heat onto the plastic, thereby sealing it shut.

8. Get Better Wi-Fi Signal

Aluminum foil can save you the trouble and expense of having to buy a Wi-Fi extender. Simply fold a sheet of aluminum into a screen, and place it behind your router to enhance the range of your Wi-Fi signal.

9. Extend Your Batteries Life

It’s always frustrating to suddenly find your TV remote not working because the batteries are drained. What’s even more frustrating is discovering that you don’t have spare batteries! Well, don’t worry! You can extend the life of your batteries with aluminum foil in the way shown in the photo above.

10. Clean A Glue Gun

If you find your gun stuck with glue, don’t worry, just heat up your glue gun as usual without inserting any glue stick, then wrap a piece of aluminum foil on the nozzle and finally wipe the softened glue away. Voila, it’s done.

11. Move Furniture Easily

If you want to move heavy furniture but don’t have anyone to help you, try placing strips of aluminum foil on the bottom or legs of the furniture. You’ll find it so much easier to move it and your back will thank you!

12. Clean Your Silverware

Aluminum foil can make your silverware shine and sparkle. Put a layer of aluminum foil at the bottom of the sink, add boiling water, then salt and baking soda, before leaving to soak. After soaking, rinse and dry as usual.

13. Sharpen Your Scissors

The blades of your scissors can be dulled over time, but you can make them sharp and bring them back to their razor-sharp glory with aluminum foil. Just work your scissors into a sheet of aluminum foil, cutting into it 7-10 times, and your scissors will be sharp again.

14. Wrinkle-Free Clothes

If you’re in a hurry but need to iron your wrinkled clothes, a piece of aluminum foil can help you save time. All you need to do is to place a sheet of aluminum foil under the clothes you’re going to iron, and the aluminum foil will heat up and transfer the heat onto the bottom layer, leaving both layers straightened and wrinkle-free in no time at all.

15. Clean Your Barbeque Grill

Cleaning your barbeque grill after a cookout can be a headache, but you can make things easier by spraying some vinegar onto your grill, then after a short while, scrunch up some aluminum foil into a ball to scrub your barbecue grill free from grease and stains.

16. Clean Your Iron

Too much heat when ironing clothes can burn and add gunk to the bottom of your iron, making it stick to clothes and cause more burnt holes in your clothes. Aluminum foil can save both your iron and clothes. Heat your iron to low heat, then swipe on a sheet of aluminum foil several times. Turn the iron off and scrub the gunk away with the foil.

17. Radiate Heat

Aluminum foil can help radiate heat. Wrapping a piece of plywood in foil and tucking it behind a radiator will help reflect heat into the room.

18. Keep Your Oven Clean

It’s a perfect way to keep your oven clean by covering the bottom with a layer of aluminum foil. The foil can be removed and replaced with a new layer each time, besides keeping things clean, the foil ensures that heat is distributed evenly during baking, and prevents food from being burned.

19. Protect Your Door Knobs From Being Painted

Covering your door knobs with a layer of aluminum foil will avoid paint splatters when you are painting your doors. What’s more, it is easier to use than traditional painting tape and can be easily molded to cover your door knobs.

20. Throw Out Your Cooking Grease

Grease will clog up the drain, so we should avoid pouring the grease down the kitchen sink. Cover a cup or bowl with aluminum foil, pour in the fat, scrunch up the foil into a ball, and throw it away in the garbage can.

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