20 Pics Make Moms Regret Leaving Kids Alone With Dads

1. A “homemade” waterbed

3. “Dad draws eyebrows for me!”

4. Father’s making daughter’s funniest hair tie.

6. The little daughter wanted a swing, so he became one

7. Dad solved a problem

8. Dad, I don’t’ want to see this.

9. Dad, I want to play it too!

10. Beer and Blondie

11. Steadycam

12. Uncles can be horrible too.

13. Ninja Turtle

14. I’m not a horse!

15. How can you do this to me?

16. A sexy lip

17. Sorry, I was going to clean it right now!

18. Bad dad!

19. When you have to watch the baby and shovel snow at the same time.

20. When dad gets tired

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