20 Photos Of People Taken Seconds Before Having Terrible Accidents

Sometimes people do things that are so INCREDIBLY stupid and end up in horrible accidents. The following 20 photos show the moment before suffering an utter catastrophe and even death.

1. Who’s up for grilling?

2. This is what porches are for…

3. Hope this funny photo was worth what inevitably came next…

4. Let’s see if there is a bullet in there.

5. Just gonna take a quick nap!

6. It just hurts even to look at!

7. What’s the end game here?

8. A bee beard! Terrible!

9. I can’t image what will happen next?

10. Too many people!

11. A cool soldier!

12. What are you thinking?

13. This may be the last time these hitchhikers get a free ride.

14. Yeah, pointing this towards the foliage seems the right move.

15. “Turbo” love!

16. Bruce Wayne is about to face the fiercest opponent ever!

17. No harness? Noooo problem!

18. The piece of wood will do.

19. Dude, I have totally got you!

20. Got to love the irony!

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