20 Most Outrageous Christmas Gifts Celebs Have Ever Gifted Each Other

Christmas is on the horizon! Surely enough, some of us are thinking about dreamy gifts, then you may as well have a look at what celebs gave or got for Christmas. From a white pony to a vintage car, celebrities’ gifts have everyone else beat. Scroll down to see what gift floats your boat!  

1. Jimmy Fallon Gifted Oprah Winfrey Christmas Dog Sweaters

Racking brains to prepare Christmas gifts may be tiresome, but you can take it in a different direction. Jimmy Fallon has given Oprah a handful of Christmas sweaters for her dogs and she claimed it as the best gift ever. Now Oprah’s dogs can dress whatever they want!

2. Jennifer Hudson Gifted Her Assistant A House

Jennifer Hudson must be rewarded as the world’s best boss when she gifted her assistant Walter a house for Christmas. Holy god, she’s sending fans wild! 

3. Rihanna’s Friend Gave Her A Dolphin Statue

Don’t get it wrong, it’s not a pool floatie. Actually, it’s a Jeff Koons dolphin statue Rihanna received for Christmas from one of her friends in 2014. Quite eye-catching, isn’t it?

4. Kevin Hart Gifted His Family A Backyard ‘Aspen’

Don’t feel bummed when you couldn’t take your trip to Aspen for the holidays. As long as your backyard is spacious enough, you can make it your private Aspen just like Kevin Hart did for his family!

5. Kim Kardashian Gave All Kardashian Girls Louis Vuitton Bags

Celebs’ kids tend to develop a strong sense of fashion from their luxury gifts. In 2018, Kim Kardashian bought mini Louis Vuitton bags for all the “baby girls” in the Kardashian clan. Sure the girls will love their gifts!

6. Jennifer Aniston Gifted Friend A Toto Toilet

How would you feel when you receive a fancy toilet for Christmas? Well, Jennifer Aniston said that she once gifted someone a fancy AF Toto toilet. Perhaps only by experiencing it can you see how fabulous it is!

7. Kris Jenner’s Children Gifted Her A Vintage Car

It’s not always parents who prepare gifts for Christmas, and children do it, too. Kris Jenner’s children surprised her with a red 1956 Thunderbird in 2016. Driving the cue car must be sort of an anomaly!

8. Lady Gaga’s Record Label Gifted Her A White Pony

A pony may be at the top of every little girl’s Christmas wish list, but Lady Gaga had her dream come true. Her record label gifted her a white pony for Christmas in 2015. She looks so beautiful, don’t you agree? 

9. John Legend Gifted Wife Chrissy Teigen A Massive Wheel Of Cheese

Is your lifetime dream to get a massive wheel of cheese? Well, Chrissy Teigen’s is. And her dream was realized in 2015 when her husband John Legend gifted her a mouth-watering one. Feast on it, sweet lovebirds!

10. Cardi B And Offset Gave Their Daughter A Custom Diamond Necklace

Cardi B and Offset would spare no expense for their daughter Kulture, so they gave her a diamond necklace for Christmas. It is valued at $100,000 with characters from her favorite TV show, Word Party. 

11. Grayson Gave Brother Ethan A Skatepark

It’s a pretty neat idea to surprise your beloved ones with something about their hobbies. Much in the same fashion, Grayson gave his bro Ethan a skateboard for Christmas 2018, and a skatepark he’s having built in their very own backyard. Coolest gift ever!

12. Ethan Returned Grayson A Giant Nutcracker

To return the favor and strengthen their brotherly love, Ethan gifted his brother a giant, custom-painted Nutcracker. Surprisingly, they look quite matching!

13. Diddy Gifted His Daughter A Puppy

Adorable puppies can melt hearts for all little girls. And that’s exactly what Diddy’s daughter received for Christmas in 2017 from her dad. Of course the little girl was overjoyed.

14. Nick Jonas Gifted Wife Priyanka Chopra A Snowmobile

Is there anything more exciting than driving in a snowmobile on a snowy Christmas day? Perhaps not. Nick Jonas just surprised his wife Priyanka Chopra with it for Christmas in 2019. Look at her, and you’ll agree that Nick could actually read her mind!  

15. Grayson Dolan Gave James Charles A Custom White Piano 

James Charles received a custom white piano from Grayson that read “Sister” on the top. Smart choice, Grayson, and it’s definitely his cup of tea!

16. Patrick Schwarzenegger Gifted Miley Cyrus A Pizza Onesie

Back when Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger were dating in 2014, Patrick gifted the singer a pizza onesie. And Miley pulled it off!

17. Drake Gifted Himself A Pole And Platform

Of course, you can leave the gift-giving for yourself just like Drake did. He gave himself a pole and platform installed inside his bedroom, together with a single leather chair. Best option for you!

18. Kendall Jenner’s Parents Gifted Her A Horse

When Kendall was a youngster, her parents surprised her with a horse on Christmas morning, which sent her in hysterics. Suppose there’s no one who can resist the pink fantasy!

19. Tyga Gifted Kylie Jenner A Ridiculously Huge Ring

Remember when Kylie Jenner was with Tyga? Back in 2015, the rapper gave his then-girlfriend a $33,000 gem. You thought it was an engagement ring? Actually, it’s just a Christmas gift.

20. Rob Kardashian Gifted All His Sisters Louis Vuitton Slippers

Kardashians are all queens for gift giving, and Rob is no exception. In 2018, Rob gave all of his sisters pink Louis Vuitton slippers. Believe it or not, they came with a whopping price tag of $1,500 each!

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