20 Most Famous Celebrity Wives – What Are They Up To Now?

The press lost control when these celebs got married. Some of them have managed to stick together through ups and downs, but others have drifted apart. Let’s take a look at 20 of the most famous celebrity wives and what they are up to now.

1. LaTanya Richardson And Samuel L. Jackson

In 1980, Samuel and LaTanya got married, and have made it to nearly 40 years together! More than once, Samuel thanked his wife and daughter for being essential contributors to his success. As a remarkable actress, toady LaTanya is still passionate about her thriving theater and movie career. Here is to wishing them another 40 years together!

2. Gisele Bundchen And Tom Brady

Ever since these two laid their eyes on each other in 2006, the hugely famous Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, the talented NFL quarterback from New England Patriots have been inseparable. They tied the knot in 2009 and have two kids together. Tom still plays for his team, and we can also still see Gisele down the runway these days.

3. Vanessa Bryant And Kobe Bryant

Vanessa met Kobe when she was still in high school and married him in 2001. The couple have managed to navigate their way through a lot of ups and downs (which even included divorce threats) over the years but have made it up to now. They are now parents of three cute kids and are expecting their fourth child this year.

4. Elin Nordegren And Tiger Woods

It seemed like paradise was unfolding when Elin Nordegren became Mrs. Woods in 2004 and gave birth to 2 beautiful children. Yet all was shattered soon after the golfer’s nasty affairs with a string of mistresses went public. The couple ended their marriage in 2010. Tiger Woods still ranks second in the world in terms of golf major championships, whilst Nordegren is living with her two kids.

5. Keely Shaye Smith And Pierce Brosnan

James Bond met Keely after his first wife passed away and fell in love with her as she nursed him through that terrible period. The couple wed in 1994 and had two very charming sons together. This year, they celebrate their 25th anniversary and the sweetness is sure to continue. Now Pierce Brosnan is 66 years old and Mrs. Brosnan appears frequently on lifestyle television shows and is writing a horticulture book.

6. Yvette Prieto And Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan met his wife Yvette Prieto at a bar in 2008 and married her five years later. Their lavish wedding and $10 million reception were definitely events to remember. Michael stepped away from the basketball court years ago and is now a prolific businessman. Now they are parents to a pair of cute twin girls and Yvette focuses more on taking care of her family.

7. Shakira Caine And Michael Caine

With over 100 movie credits to his name, Michael Caine is rightfully considered as one of the most influential British film icons of all time. He married Shakira in 1973 and the two have stuck together for 44 years, wow! The former model has also tried her hand at fashion and acting in recent years. The Caines have one daughter together.

8. Kelly Preston And John Travolta

John Travolta and Kelly Preston fell for each other on the set of The Experts in 1987 and married four years later. They have three kids together and experienced a tragic loss when their oldest son Jett died. These days John is still pursuing his acting career and Kelly stays close to her family, making their marriage a model one in Hollywood terms.

9. Chris Hemsworth And Elsa Pataky

Elsa Pataky is known for her acting in The Fast and the Furious series, and Chris Hemsworth has earned international fame in blockbusters such as Thor, and The Avengers movies. They married in 2010 and are still going strong. Recently, Chris has decided to take a temporary hiatus from Hollywood to spend more time with Elsa and their three kids in Australia.

10. Erica Schmidt And Peter Dinklage

Tyrion may not have so much luck in romance, but the actor is another story. Peter and Erica Schmidt, a theater director, started dating in 2000 and got married in 2005. They have two children and currently live in New Paltz. According to Erica, she is smitten by his husband’s talent and unique qualities.

11. Samantha Ponder And Chris Ponder

“I pretty much knew immediately that Christian was the one”, said Samantha Ponder, the promising sports commentator for ESPN, as she addressed the relationship with her husband Christian Ponder. Their two adorable children have since made it a gorgeous happy family of four. Samantha is currently hosting Sunday NFL Countdown, and Chris is currently a free agent.

12. Jada Smith And Will Smith

For all these years, the press has been wild about the Smiths’ marriage. The couple married in 1997 and had their first son the next year. Now they are parents of three children and have claimed more than once their relationship is “still solid”! Will recently appears in the movie Aladdin, and Jada is the host of the popular talk show The Red Table.

13. Matthew Broderick And Sarah Jessica Parker

“Nearing 3 decades of love, commitment, respect, family and home”, is what Parker said when addressing her marriage to Matthew Broderick. They exchanged vows in 1997 and have remained each other’s soul mates, regardless of what some others claim.

14. Oprah Winfrey And Stedman Graham Jr.

Oprah began dating Stedman Graham in 1986 and believe it or not, the two never married. They got engaged in 1992 and later called it off. Graham has just released his new book – “Identity Leadership” and Oprah is now in the process of producing two movies, The Color Purple and The Water Man.

15. Catherine Zeta-Jones And Michael Douglas

Catherine Zeta-Jones married Douglas in 2001 when she was only 30 and he in his mid-50s. Apparently, age is no barrier for the couple and the marriage has now lasted nearly two decades, thanks mainly to their honesty with each other.

16. Ayesha Curry And Steph Curry

Ayesha met Steph when they were both teenagers, although the romance didn’t begin until years later. Now Ayesha is a mother to three kids. Yet she is more than just an NBA wife, being an actress and budding culinary guru herself.

17. Calista Flockhart And Harrison Ford

Calista Flockhart met Harrison Ford in 2002 and after 8 years of dating, they wed in New Mexico. Calista is the third wife of Ford and they seem to have a very strong bond. Both actors are still active in the business with Flockhart taking a leading role in Supergirl.

18. Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez

The pair first met each other in 2005 at a Yankees baseball game when J. Lo was still married to her then-husband Marc Anthony. But when it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. 12 years later, they met again and fell in love. This year, Alex put a ring on her finger, and we are now looking forward to another power couple!

19. Kathryn Boyd And Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin has been married three times. He wed his former personal assistant Kathryn Boyd in 2016 and they welcomed their first kid into the world two years later. Josh Brolin is internationally famous for his impressive performance as Thanos in The Avengers. Boyd has her own career – as founder of a line of jeans for taller women, as well as being a great mom.

20. Madonna And Sean Penn

That’s right. Sean Penn and Madonna used to be married. The four-year marriage caused such a media sensation at the time as the couple were incredibly famous and talented, but equally volatile. The two stars ended the marriage in 1987 and have been on good terms ever since. Madonna married Guy Ritchie and divorced him in 2008.

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