20 High-Tech Warships From the Future That Rule the Seas Today

War never changes. Human beings have fought naval battles for thousands of years. The navy is still the most important branch of any maritime nation’s combat forces. The following set of photos will show you the most advanced, and sometimes surprisingly futuristic vessels in the world.

1. USS Coronado

Named after Coronado, California, the USS Coronado is a littoral combat ship which provides combat support for both anti-mine as well as surface warfare. Designed to defend coastal waters, the USS Coronado is quite long at 418 feet and is able to travel 54 miles per hour through the water. It was launched on January 14, 2012 and was seen in Singapore in October of 2016 on a show of force mission.

2. USS Zumwalt

The USS Zumwalt is a real giant. However, due to its anti-radar capabilities, it appears to others as a small fishing boat. The guided missile destroyer costs an incredible $4 billion to operate out in deep waters. 

3. HMS Defender

Custom designed for the British Royal Navy, the HMS Defender is supposed to defend the kingdom from any threat coming from the air. The name HMS Defender has been used on eight previous ships in the British Navy. The ship was first commissioned in 2009, escorting Russian ships around the British Isles as well as providing air defenses for the French Navy’s Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier. 

4. USS Independence (LCS 2)

The USS Independence is a multitasking littoral combat ship, as it can destroy mines, hunt down submarines, battle smaller boats at the same time. It can hit speeds of up to 51 miles per hour when going at full speed.

5. Dixmude

The French amphibious assault ship is ready and able to take over an entire country if it really needed to. The boat is able to carry more than 40 tanks, 450 soldiers ,and 30 helicopters. Moreover, it can even be turned into a hospital ship with the capabilities to sit offshore and treat up to 69 patients at any single time.

6. The Juliet Marine Ghost

No wonder the ship got the name the Juliet Marine Ghost, it can easily move through water without being detected. The Juliet Marine Ghost looks and behaves like a water strider bug on a pond and is able to neutralize any threat which slips between a strike force’s bows.

7. SAS Mendi

The SAS Mendi belongs to the South African Navy. It weighs over 3500 tonnes and can go at 30 knots. It is well equipped with different weapon launcher and machine guns such as  South African made Umkhonto, air missiles as well as heavy gatling guns. The SAS Mendi was first launched in 2003 and most recently served as a patrol boat that keeps the coasts of Mozambique and Somalia safe from pirates.

8. HDMS Absalon

As the largest Danish class warship, it has enough room to store four helicopters on the deck. The warship was launched at the end of 2005 and has been involved in anti-piracy operations in Somalia as well as patrolling the waters off Syria.

9. HMS Agamemnon

This warship is in the service of Great Britain. It is planned to be launched in 2020. The sub is able to stay underwater for three whole months before needing resurface. The HMS Agamemnon can store up to 38 missiles (including nuclear missiles).

10. INS Vishal

Set to be built completely by 2023, the Indian Navy’s INS Vishal is supposed to replace aircraft carriers with an amazing 1400 person capacity. It will be able to help India to project its power over a wider area of the Indian Ocean. It will be equipped with a nuclear powered motor, being able to hold up to 50 planes and helicopters.

11. French Frigate Forbin

This Forbin is specifically designed to be able to protect the French Charles De Gaulle aircraft carrier from submarine threats and actual attacks. The warship has a radar signature which makes it appear as a small fishing vessel on enemy radars.

12. Steregushchy

The Steregushchy is the latest from the Russian Navy. It is able to hold a combination of both surface to air missiles and surface to surface missiles, as well as Russian marines easily in any location they need. 

13. HMS Queen Elizabeth

This is the largest ever warship of the British Royal Navy. The enormous aircraft carrier is the first in a line of Elizabeth class carriers and is able to carry up to 40 aircrafts on its deck, which is a very impressive number. This helps with British power projection, enabling British forces to be anywhere in the world.

14. Admiral Gorshkov

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Once was a Soviet vessel known as the Admiral Gorshkov,  it is currently known as the INS Vikramaditya. The ship was sold to the Indian Navy in 2004 and went into active duty after nine years of refurbishments. Vikramaditya can only stay out at sea for 45 days but is able to hold 26 MiG fighter jets and attack helicopters.

15. USNS Spearhead

The USNS Spearhead acts like a lizard as it can re-size and re-fit itself according to the bay. The boat can hold up to 41 men and its main mission are actually non-warfare. It can go at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour and can carry an enormous amount of cargo or 312 troops.

16. TCG Heybeliada

The TCG Heybeliada is known as the “Ghost of The Seas” as it can move around secretly without being noticed. First launched in 2008, it can go at a maximum of 29 knots with the capability of carrying helicopters, drones, and up to 103 troops.

17. USS Enterprise (CVN-80)

This is not the ship from Star Trek, but it may as well be. The USS Enterprise will be completely constructed in 2018, then it will join its fellow ships The USS Gerald Ford and USS John F. Kennedy. This supercarrier will be able to sail the seven seas for more than 25 years with an arsenal of over 90 fighter jets.

18. USS Gerald R Ford

Named after the President, the USS Gerald R Ford is able to hold up to more than 75 fighter jets. It is currently undergoing sea trials in order to get her combat ready as soon as possible.

19. The USS America

Maybe there is no other better name for an aircraft carrier than the USS America. This giant ship of the United States military might be able to hold up to 1000 crew members. It also has a deck for helicopters and a hospital. The ship even has a motto that goes by, “Ready for War or Peace”.

20. USS Anchorage

The USS Anchorage is a navy marvel. Designed to ferry both supplies and munitions onto a captured beach head, it has a lot of room in its cargo stores. The giant ship can carry tanks, helicopters, 700 soldiers, humvees, V-22 Osprey, and hovercraft.

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