20 Genius Ways To Use Old Tea Bags

How do you deal with your old tea bags? Just throwing them into the garbage will be most people’s choice. However, that’s not a smart idea. Here, learn all the new uses for old tea bags to help you save money or make things easier.

1. Remove Makeup

The tea bag is slightly acidic, so you can use your old tea bags to remove different types of makeup. You may realize that some commercial makeup removal contains some green tea oil in them, so why not just using the source directly?

2. Sprouting Seeds

Old tea bags are perfect for your garden because they can germinate seeds. First, place the used bags as well as seeds on a plate with water until the seeds start sprouting; then plant the whole thing in the dirt, and the teabags will continue to make the plant grow

3. Reduce Cosmetic Problems Around Eyes

We hate puffy eyes, red eyes, and even dark circles because they all influence our appearances. And we also spent a lot of money on expensive products, but which proves to be less effective. Why not try tea bags? They are great for reducing any cosmetic problem around your eyes. Remember, only use green tea or black tea for this rather than those containing cinnamon or even pepper. The latter will burn your eyes.

4. Stop Bleeding

Nurses have used tea bags to stop bleeding for years. They are available for minor wounds and will absorb some of the blood. On the other hand, they can serve as a mild antiseptic so the wound won’t get infected.

5. Degrease Dishes

It’s a tough job to wash dirty dishes with grease. Why not try environmentally friendly tea bags to make things easier? Steep a tea bag into a sink with dirty dishes to help loosen the oil, make sure that the water is hot, wait for a moment, rinse them off, and they should come out sparkling!

6. Clean The Fireplace

Even with an ash vacuum, cleaning your fireplace can be a complete mess. Don’t worry, old tea bags will help you out. Open the tea bags up and spill the tea onto the wood ashes, and the ashes will stick to moist tea, making cleaning easier. This method also allows the ash vacuum to work properly.

7. Remove Shoe Odor

Smelly shoes might be a problem in each household. Of course, you can buy any commercial product to remove it or consider using tea bags instead. Not only can they save your money, but they work even better – absorb the smells while making the shoes smell better.

8. Clean The Toilet

A tea bag is excellent for cleaning the toilet. Next time you have hard water stains, steep some old tea bags in the water, leave it for a few hours, then give a gentle brush, and the stains should be gone. 

9. Tenderize Meat

Like red wine, black tea contains tannins; thus, it can be useful for some of the same things as red wine. One example is tenderizing meats. Pour a pot of hot black tea over the flesh, let it marinate for minutes, and then cook it as you usually do. This will refresh your meat and make it tender.

10. Make Your Carpet Smell Better

This method of carpet cleaning has a long history and is proven to be useful today. It works best with green tea. Make a pot of green tea with old tea bags, then mix the liquid with some baking soda, sprinkle the mixture on the carpet, and finally vacuum it up. Your carpet will smell better.

11. Sunburn Relief

A tea bag’s natural antiseptic properties combined with its EDCD anti-inflammatory properties make it a perfect remedy for sunburn. So you can place some tea on your burn, which will help release the painfulness and might help prevent peeling as well.

12. Absorb Bad Odors In The Fridge

Old tea bags can also help get rid of nasty odors in the fridge. It’s effortless to operate. Just put them in a little bowl and stick it in the refrigerator, and they will absorb odors and bring you a pleasant fridge.

13. Remove Litter Box Odors

If you have a cat, you must know that the litter box is always smelly. If you sprinkle some dried green tea leaves into the litter, it will smell better. Don’t use mint as cats hate the smell of it.

14. Shine Your Wood

You can use your old tea bags to make your wooden surfaces shiny again. But you have to be careful with this method and make sure it’s a real wood surface rather than a veneer or laminate. It works because the tannins contained in tea bags will destroy oils and dirt that make the surfaces dull.

15. Glass Cleaner

Old tea bags can be used on cleaning glass. Steep tea bags in water, then pour a bit of white vinegar and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. This makes a great glass cleaner as the tea bags make it smell nice, the vinegar keeps it from streaking, and the tannins will help remove hard water stains.

16. Relax Your Feet

You can use old tea bags to make a rejuvenating footbath. Toss them into some hot water, and add some essential oils or vinegar to make it work better for soaking your tired toes.

17. Treat Canker Sores

Canker sores are painful and will influence your daily life. Well, you can use tea bags to make you feel better. They will help draw out the infection and make you a quick recovery.

18. Give Rice Sweeter Flavor

Place a few old tea bags in the water while you cook your rice. This will give the rice a sweet, fragrant flavor. It works particularly well with jasmine rice. Chai tea is an ideal option if you’re cooking Indian food.

19. Fix Shaving Nicks

You might sometimes get injured when you shave your beard. If this happens to you, just take an old moist tea bag and put it directly on your shaving wound. It will lessen the swelling and help stop the bleeding. It’s better than little pieces of toilet paper!

20. Relieve Chickenpox

Used tea bags can be applied to soothing chickenpox sores on children and adults. Mint tea will have the best effect. Besides, mint will help open the pores a bit too, and this can help relieve itchiness.

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