20 Genius Duct Tape Hacks That Are Total Game Changers

Duct tape is a simple household toolbox item that can fix almost anything, but still, most of us use it sparingly. Have you ever thought of using a little tape to open a tightly closed jar or make a phone charging pouch? Here are 20 impressive and clever tape hacks that’ll change your life.

1. Opening Jars

Have you ever come across one of those pesky situations where you cannot open a jar of pasta sauce even using all your force? Well, fear no more! Duct tape works, even though that seems hard to believe. Simply stick a piece of tape on a part of the lid, and then tug at it until it opens.

2. Shoe Grips

If your shoes have lost their grip and make you slip now and then, there is a simple solution. Just stick a few pieces of duct tape onto the soles of your shoes, and voila. You can now strut confidently without having to worry about the possibility of slipping.

3. Rain Shoes

For those whose backyard tends to get muddy on rainy days, simply make some rain shoes out of tape. Slip them on whenever you go outside, so you won’t get mud all over the house when you come back in. Plus, these rain shoes are easy to clean.

4. Step Safety

Duct tape can go a long way to improving the grip on slippery stairs. If you often climb up and down at night, just apply some glow-in-the-dark tape to the edge of each step. That way, the stairs will be easier to climb.

5. DIY Lint Roller

If you’re a pet owner who suffers from pet hair clinging to clothes and other things, this is a perfect, money-saving hack for you. Simply apply a piece of duct tape around a paint roller in your garage, sticky side facing up. Use it, and you’ll see how effective it is!

6. Charging Pouch

For those who love organizing and want to keep their phone safe whilst charging, this is a great hack. Just make a phone pouch using some duct tape, and then fix it on to the wall near the power outlet. Easy peasy.

7. Fix Frayed Shoelaces

Are the aglets on your shoelaces frayed? If you don’t want to buy new shoelaces, you can fix the problem this way. Just wrap a small strip of duct tape around the end of your shoelaces. Do that and they won’t unravel anymore.

8. DIY Cup

We bet you never imagined that duct tape can be crafted into a drinking cup. This DIY tip is particularly useful for campers who forgot to bring cups with them. They are lightweight, malleable, and can be easily kept in your pack. However, it’s recommended to use it only once as it’s hard to clean.

9. Pencil Cases

Students often lose or damage their pencil cases, so why not make some cheap and durable ones with patterned duct tape? All you need is a few strips of tape and a seal. This groovy case can also be used as a waterproof makeup bag or a travel pouch.

10. Easy Tape Seals

This is a great way to seal any open lid in your tool shed, while also hanging them up on a peg board for easy storage. This appealing hack will also keep you from worrying about dirty caps and lids as you can replace a piece of tape anytime.

11. Waterproof Pillow

Waterproof pillows are great for those who have outdoor furniture because they rid you of worries about taking them inside when it rains. All you need to do is buy some colorful duct tape and then let your imagination run free.

12. Emergency Hole Plug

Tires giving out in the middle of nowhere can be a horrible experience, but don’t worry if you have duct tape in your car. Just patch a strip of tape around the hole in your deflating tire. This tip can stop your tire from losing pressure and get you a few extra miles for a replacement.

13. Duct Tape Canoe

Yes, you can make a canoe out of duct tape and wood. This hack is not for the faint-hearted and requires hard work, lots of time and tape. However, once you see it float on water, you’ll feel all the work was worth it.

14. Rainbow Handbag

This is a great DIY tip for kids who are more creatively inclined. Simply buy some colorful duct tape and then use your infinite imagination to stick them together. These gorgeous bags are not only cheap, but can also keep your things dry when it rains.

15. Two-minute Clothesline

Want to dry your clothes but have no hangers or line? Why not make a temporary clothesline out of duct tape. Simply twist some tape and then stick it from end to end outside. This can be done within a few minutes.

16. Luggage Tag

Do you find it difficult to spot your suitcase at the carousel after a flight? If so, this simple hack will help solve your problem. Just stick a strip of brightly colored tape on your luggage. That way, your bags will stand out from the many other similar looking ones.

17. DIY Cup Holder

This is a great tip for anyone who loves to go camping or sit outdoors, but doesn’t have a chair with a built-in cup holder. Simply wrap some pieces of tape around the bottom of your duct tape roll. Attach it to your chair, and then you are good to go!

18. Scratch Prevention

No one likes the scratches left on the floor when you move your furniture. While most people tend to buy special floor savers, this hack is easier and cheaper. Just stick a piece of duct tape on the bottom of the legs. Afterwards, your furniture will glide smoothly and silently across the floor.

19. Garden Labels

Gardening lovers probably need labels for all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. In this case, duct tape can be super helpful. Simply find some plastic or wooden sticks, and attach some duct tape onto the top. Afterwards, everything will be nicely organized.

20. DIY Pen Top Roses

This is a great project to do with your kids at home. Simply cut 15-20 square pieces of colorful tape, about 3-4 inches, and fold them into triangles. Glue them together while folding them around the top of the pen, with the point sticking up. In the end you’ll get an awesome looking pen.

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