20 Basic Christmas Gifts For Young Adult Women

Many have tried to answer this age-old question, “What do women want?” for, well, ages. Many have come close to enlightenment, but some unfortunately fail. What they should ask is, “What will women love?” The following list of 20 best Christmas gift for women has the answers.

1. Knit/Fleece Socks

Actually, any socks will be OK.

2. Makeup

Head to Ulta or Sephora. Girls always like highlight/contour sets which they can’t always afford.

3. Big Comfy Sweaters

American Eagle/H&M can offer you some ideas about finding the perfect sweater.

5. Comfy Lounging Clothes

Joggers, Sweatshirts, hoodies, and so on.

6. 5 for $25


10. Bras/Bralettes

If you are shopping for a close friend, these are something you should never miss because a girl can never have enough bras.

13. Fun Snacks and Candies

Even through girls are complaining the stuff would make them fat, they are probably what they exactly want.

16. Keychains

The typical Kylie Jenner fur ball is so basic…but girls just love it.

17. Anything Nike

Just buy it.

19. Bath Bombs

You can go Lush to get one of those.


20. Candles

Take a visit to Bath & Body Works, and you will find couple years worth of gifts.


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