17 Real Photos Of The Titanic Disaster Guaranteed To Give You Chills

It’s more than a hundred years since the Titanic tragedy happened, an event that sent shockwaves around the world. Here you will see historic photos taken right before and after the crash. It’s a little hard but memorable to see the fascinating and horrible moment.

1. Before its Leaving

This photo was taken four days before Titanic would hit the iceberg as it left port in Southampton, England on the 10th of April 1912.

2. En Route

As the ship headed to Queenstown, New York, it stopped off in France after leaving England.

3. Built in Belfast

This photo shows workers for Titanic, the largest ever ship to be built at the time, but none of them knew what would come of their handiwork.

4. The Height of Luxury

This shot of the dining room shows the elaborate design details that filled Titanic

5. The Lower Class

Not as luxurious as the first class, the second clas accommodated 90% of the passengers and still had relative comforts.

6. Captain Smith

This photo shows Captain Edward John Smith in 1912 just before the ship set sail. He went down with his ship despite never receiving any direct blame for the incident.

7. The Culprit

This photo is thought to show the actual iceberg that sank Titanic. The unreasonable fact makes everyone see that feel chilled.

8. The Rescue Came

While the boat sank, rescuers came to help out those in the water or still stranded on the Titanic. This photo shows a lifeboat from the RMS Carpathia saving some fortunate survivors from the icy water.

9. But Not enough

Claimed to be the ‘unsinkable’ ship, Titanic was loaded with very few lifeboats on board, as they thought it was unnecessary. It now seems an arrogant decision.

10. The Lucky Few

This shows the lucky survivors from the incident. They were immediately swooped down on by the press for the latest witness of the ship sinking.

11. Bad News

The sinking of the Titanic aroused global fear. Families waited in the street by the port hoping for survival and people clamored for updates of what was happening. Here crowds form on Lower Broadway in New York waiting for the latest news.

12. Stories of The Survivors

Some Survivors’ stories are picked up by the press. This photo shows one of them.

13. Onward Journey

This shows the forwarding ticket for a woman to complete her onward journey once the Titanic had reached New York. She just lost her father and three brothers in the disaster.

14. On the Menu

It may seem a little unimportant, but this shot of the lunch menu indicates people on board were never expecting to be part of such a historical event.

15. Wreckage

Taken in 2009, this shot shows part of the damage inflicted on the ship when it sank to the depths of the ocean.

16. Personal Effects

This gold pocket watch was part of the belongings of Carl Asplund who perished on board the boat as it sank.

17. Lost Cash

Currency from around the world was recovered from the wreckage, which shows the international nature of trade on board that fateful day.

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