16 Super Luxurious Yachts Owned By Celebrities

1. Tiger Woods – Privacy: $20 Million

Tiger Woods bought his $20 million, 155-foot-long luxury liner in 2004 and named it “Privacy.” The golfer must really love his yacht, as it even served as his home whilst moored at the Montauk Yacht Club during the U.S. Open. He even spent his wedding night with ex-wife Elin Nordegren on board. The extravagant yacht has a sky-lounge bar, a gym, a walk-in fridge, a jacuzzi, five guest rooms, a two-thousand-gallon water tank, a deck dining area, and two built-in wall safes.

2. Jonny Depp – Vajoliroja/Amphitrite

Jonny Depp bought this 47m long superyacht in 2006 and named it Vajoliroja. The unique moniker was a combination of the names of the actor’s then-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis and their two children, Lily-Rose and Jack. Later, when Jonny married Amber Heard, he changed the name to Amphitrite – the Greek sea goddess and wife of Poseidon.

3. Beyonce – Galactica Star: $70 Million

With a net worth of over $1 billion when coupled with that of her husband Jay Z, Beyonce has no problems paying the $900,000 per week rent on the superyacht, Galactica Star. What’s amazing though is that price does not even include fuel, food, or beverages onboard. The liner is equipped with the most luxurious amenities, including a beautiful swimming pool on the aft deck, a spa, a touch and go helipad, and spacious cabins for hosting up to 12 guests. An equivalent yacht would likely cost upwards of €60.7m if she fancied getting one of her own. Any customized features would push the price even higher though.

4. J.K. Rowling – Amphitrite: £22 Million

The Harry Potter author bought the Amphitrite, a yacht that previously belonged to Jonny Depp, at a cost of £22m in 2016. According to The Telegraph, Rowling was entranced by the vessel during a charter trip with her family. But she apparently changed her mind, putting it up for sale at €17.8m just eight months later.

5. Leonard DiCaprio – Topaz: $678 Million

Technically, Leonard does not own this superyacht. He rented it from Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirate. The superyacht is 453 feet long and cost over $200m to build. With modifications It’s now worth an eye-watering $678m. It boasts a wine cellar, a cinema, and even a helipad that can be transformed into a basketball court. There was no shortage of controversy when Di Caprio rented this mega yacht though as many considered it to be contrary to his role as a famous Hollywood environmentalist.

6. U2’s The Edge And Bono – Cyan: €12 Million

It is said that U2’s Edge and Bono co-own the superyacht, Cyan. The vessel is famous for its outdoor cinema, and it also features a jacuzzi, a top-of-the-range stereo system, tenders, Seabobs, and Waverunners, a baby grand piano, and a fully-equipped gym.

7. Sean “Diddy” Combs – The Maraya: $65 Million

The rapper’s successful career has gained him a net worth of $855 million, and he certainly knows how to make the best use of such ridiculous wealth. He owns a 177 foott long superyacht called The Maraya. The vessel has all the luxurious amenities you’d expect, including radio-controlled miniature yachts and a ski boat for exploring the open seas. It takes ten crew members to run the ship, and one of them is responsible for making sure there are always freshly baked chocolate chip cookies on board.

8. Steven Spielberg – Seven Seas: $185 Million

With a net worth of more than $3 billion, Steven Spielberg is the highest-grossing film director in history. It is easy to see how he can afford such a luxury superyacht. The $185m megayacht is named Seven Seas and has one of the best pools in the world. It also features six guest cabins, a jacuzzi, a gym, and even jet skis. Though this yacht seems perfect, it seems it wasn’t big enough for the Oscar-winning director. He put it up for sale in 2017, and replaced it with a 300-foot monster that cost him $250 million.

9. Nicole Kidman – Hokulani

The Oscar-winning actress owns a luxurious superyacht with her country star husband Keith Urban. The name of the yacht comes from Nicole’s Hawaiian namev which means heavenly star. Hokulani sure is a place for fun though, with all kinds of toys for watersports, a jacuzzi and an integrated entertainment system on deck.

10. Kendall Jenner – Axioma

Kendall Jenner is another celeb who’s chosen to rent a superyacht whenever she feels like a dope ride. She loves partying on Axioma and even spent her nineteenth birthday with Bella and Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin Bieber on board. Rumor has it that Kendall loves to call on the crew to answer to her every whim and gets well and truly spoiled while out at sea. The yacht can accommodate up to twelve guests and is decked out with an infinity pool, 3D cinema and many other luxurious amenities.

11. Billy Joel – Vendetta: $1.3 MIllion

Billy Joel, also known as the “Piano Man” is a famous American singer-songwriter. He is also remembered for his marriage to supermodel, Christi Brinkley. Recently Christi revealed she and her ex-husband are still on good terms. Billy Joel owned superyacht Vendetta back when the two were still together. The vessel was designed to be a replica of the old, classic commuter that was popular back in the late 1920s. Billy donated the commuter motor yacht to the International SeaKeeper Society, whose goal is to promote oceanographic research, conservation, and education.

12. Nicolas Cage – Sarita: $20 Million

Nicolas used to have four superyachts and had spent $20m on Sarita alone before he was declared bankrupt. Though he has probably lost his precious boats now, he is said to have tried to keep it and sell the other three, because he loved Sarita so much.

13. David And Victoria Beckham – Seafair: $40 Million

It’s not surprising that the Beckhams invested in the gorgeous superyacht, Seafair. The vessel is ninety-four feet long and has many luxurious amenities. There is also a gym on board for the First Family Of Football.

14. Eric Clapton – Va Bene: £9 Million

The legendary singer-songwriter owns a superyacht named Va Bene. The ship is 156 feet long and has a BBQ, an RYA watersports center, a jacuzzi, Zero speed stabilizers, and even a luxurious karaoke setup.

15. Richard Branson – Necker Belle: €8.5 Million

With a net worth of $4.1 billion, the Knighted British Entrepreneur now owns over four hundred companies under the Virgin Group umbrella. He owned a 32-meter catamaran, Necker Belle, whose name came from the entrepreneur’s famous island hideaway. Richard said: “I love the platform of a big catamaran. There’s tonnes of space on board, and it’s so much more stable than a conventional monohull, so it’s great for guests who sometimes feel queasy afloat.” However he later he got bored with the yacht and put it up for sale in 2014 with an asking price of €8.5 million.

16. Giorgio Armani – Main: $60 Million

The fashion designer shelled out more than $60 million to build this stylish yacht. It is 213 feet long and Giorgio Armani himself designed the interior. “The costs [of upkeep] are extraordinary,” the designer told Harper’s Bazaar in 2010. “When you decide to have a boat like this, a thousand euros is nothing. It’s a drop in the bucket.”

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