15 Pixie Cuts To Upgrade Your Style

It can be dull to keep the same hairstyle for long. To get a cool and fresh look, opt for a classy and timeless pixie cut. Here are 15 celebs who rock different types of pixie cuts. Read on to see which suits you best!

1. Long Fringe

If you have an angular face or simply think a pixie cut is in lack of feminism, try pairing it with a long fringe to adapt it to your face shape.  

Styling Tip: This haircut works wonders on older women with grey hair.

2. Structured Pixie With Side-Swept Bangs

This nicely structured pixie is perfect for women who love a casual look. Soft layers add dimension and asymmetrical bangs give it a more balanced feel. 

Styling Tip: Brown hair color is a perfect match in this style.

3. Tapered Pixie with Long Bangs

Look at Katy Perry’s hair transformation. Instead of going for a sweet and chic cut, a pixie cut with long bangs can be an adorable change. With short hair at the nape and longer strands lingering at the top, this style can work with any hair texture and shade.

Styling Tip: Try a blonde hue with dark roots to give you an edgy look.

4. Swept-Back Style

If you prefer a cooler and fresher look, then try Anne Hathaway’s swept-back style.

Styling Tip: A little gel in your fringe will help keep hair out of your face.

5. Front Twist

A sweeter and more feminine cut, you can simply twist your bangs or grow out your hair at the forehead to add more feminine traits, just like Carey Mulligan did.

Styling Tip: It’s a good choice to style your look like this when you are preparing for a date or just want to enjoy your summer at the beachside.

6. Textured and Piecey

Straight, side swept and lovely, Ginnifer Goodwin’s pixie haircut works well on a variety of hair types. It’s better to keep your hair as straight as possible to accentuate the dramatic beauty of this mane.

Styling Tip: If you love to rock straight or slightly wavy tresses, this cut will look beautiful.

7. Baby Bird Bangs

One of the chicest Emma Watson looks ever. Asymmetry helps to make a short haircut stand out. The bangs are jagged and cut at an angle with super short strands.

Styling Tip: this is one of the best haircuts for office ladies.

8. The Faux Hawk Style

It’s one of the most popular pixie haircuts. Long on top and tapered on the sides, it takes a product with excellent hold to maintain the high spikes.

Styling Tip: go for a powerful hairspray, but avoid anything that leaves a sticky residue.

9. Retro Flip

Rihanna has tried one of the most popular haircuts in the last century. Different to other pixie cuts, this haircut adds a more vintage feel.

Styling Tip: This haircut looks great with dark hair. Wearing red lipstick is the best match with this retro hairstyle.

10. Choppy Ends

The more ruffled and the more textured the cut, the better to balance out delicate features like Keira Knightley’s. The signature angled pixie bangs look especially adorable.

Styling Tip: Always remember the importance of accessories. Long earrings are a great complement to this haircut.

11. Close-Cut Curls Pixie Cut

Not everyone can get short bangs or long bangs. Audrey Tautou chooses a cute and gorgeous curly cut. If you’ve got naturally curly hair, then go for it.

Styling Tip: A cute haircut with bright smile will make you shine this summer.

12. Michelle Williams Inspired Pixie

This is a very Michelle Williams inspired pixie cut. She took her cut blonder, with wispy bangs brushed along her forehead. This cut works very well for someone who is trendy and sassy.

Styling Tip: Try lighter shades such as platinum blonde, or gray that will make you stand out this summer.

13. Brushed Back Style

Try to sweep your hair straight back just like Scarlett Johansson. Instead of pinning your hair off to the sides when it grows out, try adding some lowlights.

Styling Tip: Shaving the sides of your head to give the cut a cool extra dimension.

14. Classic Feathered Pixie Cut

This nearly effortless style can be achieved with any hair texture. Just use your favorite styling (and healthy) products to shape your hair into a sleek look.

15. Side Part With No Bangs

A neat and chic haircut with a side part and no bangs. Bleach your hair to blonde, brunette or brown and it will accentuate the dramatic beauty of this cut.

Styling Tip: Style your hair in one direction to create a new look just as she did.

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