15 Pictures Prove Shaq Is A Real Life Giant

Shaquille O’ Neal, whose nickname is Shaq, is one of the greatest basketball players in the world. We all know that his body is much bigger than most people. Here we have listed 15 times Shaq made things look tiny.

1. A 12 oz Can of Soda

2. A Normal Sized Basketball

3. Shaq And His Girlfriend

4. A Microphone

5. A Gun

6. A Smart

7. A Panda Cub

8. Conductors Baton

9. Golf Clubs

10. A Shrek Coffee Mug

11. A Bottle of Gold Bond Lotion

12. With Jimmy Fallon

13. The Podium at Justin Bieber’s Roast

14. A Phone

15. A Hollywood Sign

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